My deep appreciation

to all those Saints who with much patience have sought to help me in my spiritual pilgrimage to the light of God in Jesus Christ, especially Floyd Ayers and Marvin Langenburg.

I owe

much to the many saints and sinners who have crossed my path in my search for the truth. With each I have gained a little more balance concerning the Kingdom of God and
Jesus, The Christ, The Savior, The King.

Apology to Scholars

This book is written expressly for pilgrims, those who feel called to GOD’S light. And for those who may have abandoned the divided religious denominational church but are still seeking

God’s Truth, Light & Freedom

If you are seeking a scholar, you will likely be disappointed.
My vision is to simply pass along what I feel to be the balanced and foundational truths in our Lord’s vision for building His Church through the power of Holy Spirit. This comes from a supernatural and personal relationship with Christ Jesus as Lord, Creator God and King of His coming Kingdom
as presented in the New Testament.

Ken Smith

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