Helpful Links

“House Church” Ministries:

Trinity Fellowship International
Fellowship of Christian Pilgrims
Keys To The Kingdom
Worth Considering
House Church, Prophetic
ACTS: Seminary

Healing Ministries:

Pleasant Valley Church, Georgia
Healing Rooms, Seattle, John G. Lake

World Outreach

Gospel for Asia


Open Bible Ministries With a call to the military
Walk Through The Bible Ministries
“Breakpoint”  Prison Fellowship
Order of Centurions Christians and war

Study Helps:

Study on Islam
Christian Classics and Ethereal Library
Amazing Bible


Utah Lighthouse Ministry
“The Book of Mormon ? ”
(A plagiarism by Joseph Smith, Circa: 1830 taken from
Solomon Spalding manuscript & The King James Bible.)

Christian Education:

Trinity College & Seminary
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Christian Products and Services:

The WorldWide Christian Marketplace – designed to assist Christians in locating products and services
Charisma Magazine free copy and good Christian access. (ONLY ONE FREE COPY NOW)
Matt28 Hosting

Sex, Pregnancy and STD’s:

True Love Waits
Worth the Wait
Abstinence Until Marriage


Exodus International (Christ can set you free.)
‘Hundreds’ seeking help to return to original sex Ex-Trangender with Regret
Jeffrey’s Story: Ex Trangender with Regret

Gender Dysphoria, A Christian Response:

Gender Dysphoria

Martin Luther:

REFORMATION, 95 Theses of Martin Luther

Music and Culture:

Keep up to date with features on God, Life and Progressive Culture

Spiritual Development:

Spiritual development resources 
Bible online & commentaries 

Small Group Resources:

Filled with small group leader information
Bibles, discussion guides, books and more from this publishing house
A small group Bible study and discipleship resource
Books and Bible studies for the heart, mind, soul, and strength 
Small group discussion guides and leadership resources


Resources for the postmodern reformation 
A full service site for the Postmodern Church 

Christian Community:

Focusing on Christian life with news, events, and message boards. 
Building Christian community on the World Wide Web
Gender Dysphoria, A Christian Response


Focus on the Family website
A website for child development for ages 0 – three years


BibleGateway – Online search – multiple Bibles
Study Light – Online search, original languages/lexicons, historical writings & more.
NetBible – Online search of NET version of the Bible, original language, clickable to definition.
Topical Bible – Online search specific topics in the Bible.
Bible Reading Log – Bible Reading log in pdf to keep track of your reading.
Bible Hub – Lot’s of resources all in one place.
Blue Letter Bible – Lots of great resources.

Christian Prepper Websites I Recommend

Prepared Christian – Great articles pertaining to Faith and Preparedness.
Salvation and Survival
Survival 4 Christians
Prepper Recon

Bible Prophecy

Revelation Understood Commentary
Antipas Ministries
Tracking Bible Prophecy – Birth Pangs

Christian Sites I Recommend

Joel’s Trumpet – The ministry home of Joel Richardson
Daniel Training Network – Lots of information laid out and easy to find


Search Engines