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Seems like an anointed idea to get a song book together with Spirit Filled Songs with seven divisions.  About 10 really great songs in each section. Songs that are truly anointed in both music and words.   The Early Church used 7 steps to go from the door to the Holy of Holies.
About Jesus and Salvation as the door. About clear Sound Bible Doctrine Fellowship and Joy Lords Supper as a memorial Prayer Time in making contact Holy Spirit ministry time (Body Life Ministry) Holy of Holies power time.
In that way the worship and praise could support the Church from the front door into the supernatural like the tabernacle of Moses in the wilderness and the Early Church in Acts 2:42-47   Worship and Praise should be woven into the fabric of each gathering.  God inhabits the praise of HIS people.  Musicians are not on stage as performers in the Kingdom but clear the way for the work of the Holy Spirit.   It is all about Jesus and what helps folks to want to become like HIM. The 144,000 are all musicians in the Kingdom of Christ Jesus.  We have made Christian Music into entertainment.  God designed it to take down strong holds like the city of Jericho and bust down the gates of hel and to set the captives free.
Please send me your suggestions if interested.  See to it you get a copy when done. Yours, in HIS great love,   Ken<>< 85-4554 Mamalahoa Hwy. Captain Cook,  HI 96704

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