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ALOHA FAMILY & FRIENDS,   Beloved of God,   John 17:20=26 VICTORY,   “WORTH CONSIDERING”    12/9/2019    (In my mailbox this morning.)  VERY GOOD Today’s Scripture “Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you…I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand…” (Isaiah 41:10, AMPC) He […]

RACCOONS (political-Trump))

RACCOONS: Aloha Family & Friends,    Normally I stick with the Bible,  but if this coming election goes south our Bibles could be listed as teaching terror and be included with the confiscation of our bank accounts, freedom of speech and fire arms.   Socialism is at the roots of nearly all of this confusion and it […]


ALOHA FAMILY AND FRIENDS,  Beloved of God,   Rom. 10:9-10 HOUSE OF PEACE,   “WORTH CONSIDERING”   12/6/19   (Across my desk this morning.) Today’s Scripture “The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,” says the Lord Almighty. “And in this place I will grant peace,” declares the Lord Almighty…” (Haggai […]


THE REVELATION OF CHRIST JESUS,   12/6 /19    Ken Smith    www.Trinity-Aloha.org Written by Apostle John as was given by Jesus Christ.     Bible Fellowship,  Kealia, HI.   85-4554 Mamalahoa Hwy. THIS WEEK WE BEGIN AN IN DEPTH STUDY OF THE BOOK OF THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.   John is writing as a vision while on earth in […]


ALOHA FAMILY & FRIENDS,  Beloved of God,  John 17:20-26 POWER & FREEDOM,   “WORTH CONSIDERING”   12/5/19  (Across my desk this morning.) Today’s Scripture “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…” (John 8:32, NIV) Don’t Let Them Hold You Back People are constantly putting labels on us, telling us what we […]


ALOHA FAMILY & FRIENDS,  Beloved of God,   John 17:20-26 GRATITUDE,   “WORTH CONSIDERING”   12/4/19   (Across my desk this morning.) Today’s Scripture “Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days…” (Psalm 90:14, NIV) Have An Attitude of Gratitude If certain things in your life […]


ALOHA FAMILY & FRIENDS,   Beloved of God,   John 17:20-26 FAITH IN UNITY,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”    12/3/19,  (Across my desk this morning.) Today’s Scripture “No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God…”   (Romans 4:20, ESV) Growing Strong In Faith In the Scripture, […]


ALOHA FAMILY & FRIENDS,  Beloved of God,  John 3:16 AFFLICTIONS   “WORTH CONSIDERING”   12/2/19,   (In my mailbox this morning.) Today’s Scripture “These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold…”  1 Peter 1:7,  Growing Through Difficulty One thing we have to realize is that God is […]


Aloha Family and Friends,   12/1/19,   GRADUATION FROM EARTH,    This NOTE came across my desk this morning and I felt it  well “WORTH CONSIDERING”  as the Bible teaches:  “It is appointed unto man once to die but after this the Judgment.”  Heb. 9:27.   At this point in time there are not many left […]


ALOHA FAMILY & FRIENDS, Beloved of God, John 3:16,  John 12:24-26,  John 17:20-26 SOWING & REAPING, “WORTH CONSIDERING” 11/29/19, (Across my desk this morning.) Today’s Scripture “Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared […]