Lonnie Frisbee

LONNIE FRISBEE:  Lonnie Ray Frisbee (June 6, 1949 – March 12, 1993) was an American Charismatic evangelist and self-described “seeing prophet” in the late 1960s and 1970s.
Years active: 1966–1991,  Died: March 12, 1993 (aged 43)
Born: Lonnie Ray Frisbee; June 6, 1949; Costa Mesa, CA….

CONNIE FRISBEE:  As Lonnie Frisbee’s  wife, she is perhaps the greatest authority about Lonnie’s life and his central role as the ‘hippie preacher’ of the Jesus movement. An actress portraying Connie appears in “Jesus Revolution,” but inexplicably, the film makers failed to contact Connie or consult her about the movie.    They thought she was dead, or so they explained to her in an apologetic Zoom call.     Connie learned about the film after her stepdaughter, Brandy, watched it in a theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma and told a friend sitting next to her: “I think that’s my mom!” Brandy didn’t believe the portrayals in the film matched the stories told by her mother. She called Connie immediately with the shocking news.

Connie:  “I have to say it broke me,” she told God Reports. “For two days, I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t believe that as a Christian, you couldn’t reach out to me, you couldn’t reach out and find out. You couldn’t let me know that you were going to put a facsimile of me in a movie.”

Note to Connie from Ken on 3/6/23,   “Looks like the the Jesus Revolution film,  in spite of it’s many short comings and lack of actual teachings by Lonnie is still being used by the Holy Spirit,  P.T.L.  I took my family to view it and it really lifted their faith as well.   And I know there was so much missing.    I listened to Lonnie’s brother and felt he was right-on with his thoughts as being with Lonnie in his graduation (death) at age 43.   But I left LightHouse Ranch for a call of the LORD to Hawaii on 2/10/71 and most of the time (68-70) I had with Lonnie was prior to that except for the FGBMFI Conference in Kona in 76 or so.   But Lonnie and I were so busy with the Conference so we did not get any prime time together.  But I could tell by his ministry that he was stressed and tense about something as it seemed a little forced and abrupt and Lonnie even seemed a bit angry?   I did try to talk to him about it but he was not in the mood for for talking at that time and then he quickly returned to Costa Mesa, CA.

Spiritually our soul lives in a physical house of many many rooms that may have still have a squatter living in a room that the Holy Spirit still needs to clean out and fill.  And this is Typical of us all.   But Lonnie was a bit busy in ministry to check it out when I talked to him about it.   And Chuck did not believe this was possible for a Christian still needing deliverance.  Chuck was into building a “Word” church while Lonnie was into creating a powerful Acts 5:16 “Acts Church in the Holy Spirit.”   Lonnie was on the front lines in evangelism with the gifts of the Spirit in operation.   But he needed the Apostles, Prophets Pastors & Teachers to help with the harvest   But, if there, they were still in grade school as the Traditional church was only making room for Pastors due to their vain traditions.  So the Elders helping and assisting Lonnie were still in bondage to their own vain traditions which made the Word of God,  ineffective.    And they had little or no power like in Acts 5:16 to help.    I do miss Lonnie and learned a lot concerning active faith from him and more by watching him than listening.  According to his brother, Lonnie made peace with Lord prior to his graduation in 93,  so I am good with that.   But I can easily see why Lonnie lost faith when the folks that were blessed by his ministry started to turn from him and go back to  rebuilding the (vain) Traditional Church again.   I gave a prophesy at the meeting where Calvary to not go build any buildings.    Evangelism and helping the poor is more important than owning a comfortable building that needs care and elevates a Pastor/Minister rather than Jesus.

Ken’s note to Connie,   3/7/23 after I reviewed the film and found from a friend where Connie was living.  “As I was seeking what I thought I saw at first in Lonnie in the film,  I did not find it.   There was a Prophetic correction in those wonderful times with the Holy Spirit pouring out through Lonnie, that I now see was God’s Eternal Truth.  But me being young in the Charismatic Movement caused me to be rather shy.  I had just been baptized in the Holy Spirit in Eugene in 1968.    Of course, the enemy is going to try to bury the Truth and the Light with lies and vain traditions.  But the Elect will seek, knock and ask for the light, anyway.   Regardless of the clay,  God used the unlikely clay of Lonnie in a very Biblical way as per Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 1:23-31.  So any Glory should be the LORD’s and not man at all.   So if we get together and lift up the LORD and not a man nor a denominations or a building,  HE will use us to draw all men to HIM as per,  Eph. 4:11-16 &  John 17:20-26 in power.   And it all starts, like with Lonnie in John 12:24-26.

3/7/23.  “But what happened with Lonnie’s departure has nothing to do with us.   Lonnie is with Jesus,  I am sure,  and he is pulling for us here.  God has not given us the spirit of fear but of Love, Power and a Sound mind.   So let us go back into a Biblical faith and let’s learn to ride off into Acts 5:16 about all this stuff.   I have been working on finding the “Vain Traditions” of our  so called church that have made the “Word of God” ineffective and I have found a whole pile of stuff that the Religious, Theater, Church and even pagan that is contrary to the Commandments of our LORD.   We should be living in Acts 2, Mark 16:17-20 but mostly the churches I have attended have been living like pagans and powerless,  2 Tim. 3:5.   So still working on being a part of what is like Jesus as Lonnie did.  “OhanaChurch.Life”  link to “Worth Considering.”  The Holy Spirit is into making us 100% like Jesus,  if we will allow HIM to do HIS work in us.

3/14/23,  So where are we living?    “John 3:7-8,  ” Do not be surprised that I have told you, ‘You must be born again [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, sanctified].’ The wind blows where it wishes and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it is coming from and where it is going; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”   or as in:    2 Tim 3:5, “holding to a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them.”  seems to me that Lonnie got boxed by the social church and the Holy Spirit started drying up as he saw the Church moving back into the box.    Seems to me, that was what caused the division between Lonnie and Chuck?  I talked with Chuck  he believed in, once saved, always saved.   And that Christians could not need demonic deliverance.  Personally I have not found this to be true in my ministry.  If you turn up the light in the Holy Spirit all kinds of hidden junk in folks bubbles to the top in those who have made Jesus Lord and are in the process of becoming Sanctified by the Holy Spirit to become like Jesus.    Lonnie was never into church traditions and loved walking in the wind and power of the Holy Spirit,  the breath of God.   But Chuck and Elders were not comfortable without the traditions.  Now there may be about 1500 Calvary Chapels but what about the power factor.  Jesus told us that we would be able to do what HE did and even greater works.    Reminds me of the 5 foolish virgins in Matt.25,  Lamps without oil or light.  Money in the pockets to purchase oil,  but no oil,   living in holding pens for baby Christians who never are encouraged to grow up in HIM in all things,  Eph.4:11-16,  Mark 16:14-20….  Yours, in HIS great love, Ken<><   www.OhanaChurch.Life

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