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Today’s Scripture               (Across my desk this morning from the big church in Texas.)
“…The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in GOD protects you from that…”
(Proverbs 29:25, MSG)

Don’t Give Your Identity Away

One day a large crowd of people celebrated Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, shouting, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” A few days later, those same people were shouting, “Crucify Him!” When Jesus went to trial and needed His closest friends to support Him, most of His disciples had fled, one had betrayed Him, and Peter denied Him.  (Only John  tried to defend HIM.)  If you don’t know who you are without other people, then if they leave, you’ll be lost. They’ll take you with them because your identity was caught up in who they made you to be. Then you’ll have to try to find somebody else to tell you who you are. Don’t put your identity, your value into somebody else’s hands. You don’t need their approval or for them to tell you who you are. Your value came from your Creator. Let Him tell you who you are. Get your value, your self-worth, your approval from Him.

A Prayer for Today
Father, thank You that I don’t have to look to someone else to tell me who I am because You have already told me that I am Your masterpiece and prized possession. I declare that my identity and value is securely in Your hands, and I’m not looking to others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Ken’s Comments,
Possible this is one of my most fought battles each day prior to the CCPVirus.  Now I don’t get to town very often so not talking so much for Christ Jesus.  My driving is difficult with my feet issues and we are short one car for now.  But like the Word speaks the truth, “And they took offense at Him [refusing to believe in Him]. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” Matt.13:57.  In fact this statement is shared another 4 times in the New Testament.  And further: “58 And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.”  And “But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him:”

As I look back over the peaks of my experience in ministry I have noticed that the room was full of faith and expectancy.  That there was a nearly supernatural unity.  And the TRUTH of God in Christ Jesus was being shared.  And most important of all was that Jesus was being lifted up.  then the Holy Spirit healed and delivered the people supernaturally.  I have enjoyed this kind of gathering in Costa Mesa 1969, LightHouse Ranch 1970 and at Pilgrim’s Inn 1971-75.  A time when the Holy Spirit was allowed to take total control and we all just followed HIM in loving faith.  And all were touched with God’s love like in Acts 5:16.   Once this becomes an experience there is no turning back from the school of sanctification to become like Jesus.  Even today at near 88 I would love to enjoy that experience at least one more time before I graduate or go home in the Rapture.  So lets take a look at what is needed for from us to enjoy dancing with GOD…  Like Mr. Daily did one night at LightHouse Ranch.   It all started with Leon Omwake, a very dear unique brother in Christ found that an old coast guard light house was for sale in Lolita, CA near Eureka.  So he drove all the way up to Pleasant Hill, OR to tell me about it.  I was then working on a 70 acre Christian Community on Lost Creek near Dexter OR.   So I packed a few things and went with Leon to Table Bluff LightHouse, Liked it and bought it including about 50 hippie squatters.  But skipping a lot of good history here there was a special Saturday evening after we had remodeled the Horn House (the place where the fog horn had been) and made it into a chapel that would hold perhaps 130 people (tightly packed) And one Sat. evening Mr. Daily came, (he had arthritics so bad that his feet and hands were curled up, walked with difficulty with 2 canes and we got a chair for him.  As the evening progressed Bill Wheeler was sharing on his 12 string, “He Turned the Water into Wine” by Johny Cash.  Now there was a floor full of hippies, 70 or more all sprawled out and comfortable all over but mostly on the floor.  As Bill was really getting into the Spirit, Mr. Daily quietly rose to his feet, no canes, closed eyes and danced before the LORD for at least 5 minutes and never opened his eyes nor stepped on any one.  But all eyes were on Mr. Daily.  He had the sweetest smile on his face, like an angle.  Then he set down, never got healed?  But we had one rip roaring full of the Holy Spirit time in which many were saved, healed and delivered.  It was way late before it was over that Sat. Evening but it is still vividly burned into my memories so beautifully by the Holy Spirit nearly 50 years ago.

So it takes a comfortable space, no pews.  Souls in loving faith, respect for the Word of God, obedience, humility, unity in God’s Truth and a freedom from traditions and what others may think.  God is not in a box and neither does HE want us to be boxed.  Jesus came to set us free in God’s Truth.  He is calling us out to be HIS “Rod of Iron” to share HIS LOVE with all of HIS creation.  If we don’t want to learn to do it here in time,  would we ever do it there in eternity?

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy, Ken<><

There is but one universal and apostolic church being gathered by Christ Jesus as LORD.
All who truly Love, Honor and Obey HIM as LORD are eternal members.

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The NWO is seeking in Nov. to turn the U.S.A. from a Constitutional Republic into a state like China or N. Korea to be under atheist control.   The NWO has been infiltrating our schools for the past 75 years.  The results of this Nov. election is between Freedom and Slavery will be lasting..   So please see the larger picture and not get side tracked by the dumb personality issues.  Look at what is happening on the other side of the world and it is headed in our direction.

Turkey’s top administrative court decided Friday that the Byzantine Empire’s main cathedral, which eventually became a museum, can be converted back into a mosque. Christian leaders condemned Friday’s ruling.  Turkey is expelling foreign Christians as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to increase support from conservative Islamic leaders, rights investigators told Worthy News.  At least 12 Christians are understood to have been arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRG) in what is believed to have been a coordinated round-up last week, the Christian Post reports. Announced by Article 18, a UK-based human rights non-profit organization, the arrests were said to have taken place in the cities of Tehran, Karaj and Malayer on June 30 and July 1.  Worthy Brief <;

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