HEART (clean)

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HEART (clean)   “WORTH CONSIDERING”  2/20/20  by Ken<><   www.Trinity-Aloha.org

Today’s Scripture
For I acknowledge my transgressions…Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts” Ps. 51.3,6

Have a Clean Heart   (Received in my email this morning.)
Psalm 51 is a prayer of repentance in which David acknowledged a sin he had covered up. His first step was to accept responsibility. You can’t overcome what you don’t confront—a hidden addiction, a failure, a hurt. When you hide things, it’s going to eat away at you like a poison. David went on to say that God requires truth in our inner parts. You can’t pretend and have God’s blessing at the same time.

If you’re covering things up, it’s not going to magically go away. When you come to God and ask for His forgiveness and mercy, He’ll begin to restore and put you back on the path to your destiny. David says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Restore to me the joy of my salvation.” He got it out in the open and asked for forgiveness—that was the turning point. God forgave and restored him, and David went on to do great things.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for Your unfailing love and great compassion that blots out the stain of my sins. Thank You that I can come to You for forgiveness and mercy and truth in my heart. I ask for a clean heart and to walk in the joy of my salvation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Thoughts,
This is so very true and so needed in the church today…  The church is so organized today that folks are afraid to make any ripples,  even in the Holy Spirit.  The world sees this as hypocrisy and the church wonders why the world does not want to come in out of the rain.  And even in the Church when there is a conflict between Tradition and Bible, the Church often adjusts the Bible to support their traditions.  We want to go with what feels good and make us look good rather than submit to the obvious simplicity of what is the context of TRUTH is in the teachings of the New Testament.   It is unfortunate that we have so few of the original letters that were written but what we do have is very illuminating as to God’s Truth.

When I first became a Christian I attended a church all of us with the same Scofield Bible.  The pastor would just give us the page number to turn it.  It was very convenient and efficient.  Only problem was that the doctrine that was supported left out all of the time dimension conditional scriptures that made us responsible for our own actions.   That in our time dimension the Great Creator had giving us free will so that our decisions were personal.  So for 13 years I really thought that I was one of the Elect due to God’s choice.  A lot of spiritual pride was captivated by that assumption.  But in 1968 I found out that in God’s dimension that HE also has absolute foreknowledge of what I will decided to do and will extend grace as needed when I am headed in the right direction.  That my decisions are mine, in time, only that GOD, because of HIS foreknowledge, had woven those decisions into HIS eternity before I had made them.  That is why the answers to prayers are on the way even before we pray.  The reason for this is to sort out the obedient hearts from the rebellious in a place where less damage would be done.  God had to give us free will to be able to love as HE wants us to learn to LOVE for knowing HIM is love.  Without Love you can not know God. and you can not fulfill HIS vision to become in HIS image and likeness like Jesus did.  Jesus was the first man to ever become in the image and likeness of our Creator.   And HE has opened the door for any one else who would like to follow in HIS steps to become in the Image and Likeness of God.  He is the first to be born of many brethren.  Problem is, we have to get real about to our weaknesses and find GOD’S grace to overcome as in Romans 8.  And many of us are fat and lazy and like things the way they are.  Or we are on a quest for bigger and better in the shape of this world which is soon to be headed for recycling at the end of this time of testing & decision, Rev.20.  So God’s design for this world is to give us a choice that will ultimately make us into HIS image and likeness to live with HIM.  Or it will send our eternal soul, without body, into a very lonely black eternity where God does not choose to exist.  He has given each of us a life time with a temporary body in which to decide. 

Yours, In HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy, Ken<>< www.Trinity-Aloha.org

There is but one Church of Christ Jesus and
All who truly Love and Obey HIM are members

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. Phil. 4:11.    Charles Swindoll wrote about these men who bring in animals from Africa for American zoos. They say that one of the hardest animals to catch there is the ringtailed monkey. For the Zulus of that continent, however, it’s simple. They’ve been catching this agile little animal with ease for years.     The method the Zulus use is based on knowledge of the animal. Their trap is nothing more than a melon growing on a vine. The seeds of this melon are a favorite of the monkey. Knowing this, the Zulus simply cut a hole in the melon, just large enough for the monkey to insert his hand to reach the seeds inside. The monkey will stick his hand in, grab as many seeds as he can, then start to withdraw it. This he cannot do. His fist is now larger than the hole. The monkey will pull and tug, screech and fight the melon for hours. But he can’t get free of the trap unless he gives up the seeds, which he refuses to do. Meanwhile, the Zulus sneak up and nab him.     There’s a pretty clear moral to this story, wouldn’t you say? If we really want to be free, we must let go of the things we love. The more we hold on to our earthly possessions, the more frustrated we will get and eventually, we will be entrapped.  From:  worthybrief@worthynetwork.com

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