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DECISIONS,   “WORTH CONSIDERING”    11/2/20      From Ken Smith<><

Today’s Scripture                                 (Across my desk this morning from a church in Texas.)
“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare…Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise from the end of the earth.”   (Isaiah 42:9–10, ESV)
Sing a New Song
In today’s Scripture, God is saying that the things you’ve been struggling with are coming to an end—the disappointment, the hurt, the bad habits. He’s about to put a stop to it and do a new thing. But if you’re going to see the negative come to an end and God do a new thing, you have to sing a new song. You can’t go around with that same old song of who hurt me and how wrong it was. No more singing about what you can’t do and how it’s never going to work out. No, get rid of that song of defeat and self-pity and start singing a song of victory. “I know God’s turning it to my advantage. He’s turning my mourning into dancing. He’s armed me with strength for this battle. I will lose this weight. I will break this addiction.”   Is there something you need to get over today? Make this decision: no more excuses.
A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that You are worthy of my worship and new songs of praise. Thank You that I can put the old sad songs of defeat behind me and start singing songs of victory. I declare that this is a new day, and my dreams and vision are being renewed. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”
Ken’s Comments,     Put it on to play in the background as your read this blog.    The Composer Bach once said, “The only reason for music is for the Worship of God.”  Now you just made a decision to listen or not.  Or to read this blog or not.  But I am listening and smiling down deep inside and hope you are as well.   It is like God enters into the praise and cleans the air around us and then starts to clean us out at well with music anointed by HIM.  So that the cares of this world begin to be seen in a proper perspective and doable and temporary.  God becomes the answer as we get close to HIM in our thoughts.  Music can help us with this good feeling of HIS presence around us.  He has made Jesus the center of LIFE for us for eternity.

The one thing that we have as an eternal soul is the gift from God of our freewill.  We are here on planet earth in this unique dimension of time to learn how to use our freewill productively.  In the original garden there were two trees of greater importance than the rest.  The Tree of LIFE and the Tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil.   God wanted to teach Adam about evil without him going through the painful experience.   But Adam like most of us decided to learn for himself and so he did and so are we and it is painful.  God  knew what would happen but that the choice was ours.   But HE also knew that Jesus would be obedient and make a way back for us in repentance and redemption if we wanted it.  He wanted and is building a family of righteousness for HIS joy and not just a bunch of robots.  He has freewill, and so do we.

Every day we have the right to decide what we want our life to be like.  If we choose the road of darkness and dark thoughts,  GOD does not step in and stop us.   And if we decide we want to learn to live in the LIGHT,  HE  also makes that possible by HIS grace.  But it is totally up to us as no one is predestined to heaven or hell.   That is our decision and our responsibility.  God has made everything available to us to learn to walk with HIM in LIGHT if we want to.  In HIS absolute foreknowledge He knows what we will do, but we don’t.  So It is totally your decision and you make your own eternal destiny.  And as to getting into the Word of God and memorize the precious promises of God that HE has had HIS prophets record for you, you will find HIS LIFE waiting for you.  The things of this world that are of darkness will fall away and your life will start to become like the life of Jesus.  The process can be fast or slow, that is up to you.  But to make room for God’s Light you mast also allow the HOLY SPIRIT to help you remove the darkness to make room for God’s Light.  You don’t live in a little one room cabin. Yours house is a large, many room mansion.  You may have squatters living in rooms you don’t even know about that are in your house.  The Holy Spirit will help you clean them out and make room for HIS presence if you will allow HIM access and authority.  Actually when you make Jesus your LORD in salvation you are supposed to give HIM all of the keys to your whole house.  But many are not taught that and only give HIM a front door key.  And some not even that.  Some even want HIM to be their Savior from hell but don’t really understand that it does not work that way.  In fact unless Jesus is LORD of ALL,  HE is not LORD at all.  But the decision is yours.

Our God is an Awesome God    Michael W. Smith

Yours, In HIS great LOVE and wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><

There is but ONE Church of Christ Jesus
and all who Love, Honor and Obey HIM are members.     America hangs at the precipice. 2020 has been a most pivotal year and now we stand at the precipice, approaching the most pivotal election of our lifetime – the moment of decision. It will determine the future of this nation and even of the world.     The pastor of a California megachurch said he is voting for President Trump’s reelection with “confidence” after comparing him to Joe Biden.   A newly formed Tropical Storm, Eta, is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane by Monday and has tied the record for most the named storms ‒ 28 ‒ in a single Atlantic hurricane season.     Super Typhoon Goni pounded the eastern Philippines with ferocious winds early Sunday forcing the evacuation of a million people.     A 7-magnitude earthquake in the Aegean Sea on Friday rocked Turkey and Greece, killing at least eight, injuring 200 and prompting officials to issue a tsunami warning.    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a second national lockdown for England to prevent a “medical and moral disaster” for the NHS.    Tens of thousands of Muslims, from Pakistan to Lebanon to Jerusalem, poured out of prayer services to join anti-France protests on Friday, as the French president’s vow to protect the right to caricature the Prophet Muhammad continues to roil the Muslim world.     The United States says it has seized a variety of missiles that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ (IRGC) Quds Force shipped to Yemen and announced the sale of Iranian oil it seized in August before it reached Venezuela, saying the proceeds will benefit victims of terrorism.

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