Questions Concerning Calvinism…
Does GOD have absolute foreknowledge or is it limited?  Rom.8:29
Do we really have a freewill?  Rev.22:11 -17
Can there two different dimensions?  God’s Eternal Dimension and our Time Dimension?   1 Con.13:10-12
What gives GOD the moral authority to send a soul to hell?  Rev. 17:8,  20:12-15,  21:27

Personally I totally accept Isaiah 53 as being absolutely correct.  As well as Rom. 10:9-10  as well as the whole New Testament for that matter.  And the Old Testament as it pertains to HIS Church.   And that GOD’s Foreknowledge take into consideration every decision that will ever be made in time.  And GOD knew before the beginning of our time dimension exactly what I would be writing to you at this time.  But it is still up to your freewill as to what you do with it in time.  And GOD has already drawn the blueprints of the Kingdom and HIS election is absolute.  But for me and you in time, we are working out our salvation with faith and a holy reverence.  He that endureth to the end, shall be saved.  So actually we are in a time process of being saved and sanctified,  if we will allow it.  It is not a done deal from our time perspective until we keep the faith unto death.  But from God’s dimension HE already knows those who are HIS elect that will become a part of HIS eternal family even before the foundation of the universe were beginning to be laid by the Word of God.

The LIGHT of GOD is everywhere obvious by the things that are created so man is without excuse.  Rom.1   And it takes the exercise of freewill in making Christ Jesus LORD to change our destiny from one of condemnation.  The LAW was given to help us see our lost Adamic state.  And only Christ Jesus as LORD can save us.   We are fist told that we are headed into Adamic darkness so then repentance and salvation are seen as valid and to be desired.  If you live after the flesh ye shall die, but if ye through the Spirit put to death the deeds of the flesh, ye shall have GOD’s LIFE.  Cain was told this in the very beginning and it has not changed.  Cain was challenged by God to repent and offer the appointed sacrifice.  But he chose to put out the light instead as he preferred the Adamic darkness.   Study Jude.

We are now locked in time for one lifetime.  And it is much like a spiritual gymnasium in which we can repent and make Christ Jesus LORD and to learn to exercise our free will for good and love one another.  Or it can send our eternal soul totally away from God’s presence to be utterly and totally alone in outer darkness.   I hope you choose wisely.  Calvin only focused on the Eternity Scriptures and totally left out the conditional Time Scriptures.  Our doctrine must be inclusive of both.  The “If” conditional scriptures related to making us free by in the Holy Spirit are throughout the whole Bible,  Hebrew 11.  GOD’s Foreknowledge is inclusive of every decision that we will personally ever make in TIME.  But it is still our decision and we are totally responsible for our eternal destiny.  So GOD’s Election is absolute, and judgment will be absolute in time as in Christ Jesus or not.  Then time will be no more and there will be a new heaven and a new earth full of GOD’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and forever family for eternity.

We had the best gathering every last night, (8/9/19),  “Study on the trip wires of life.”   Check it out on “Worth Considering”  find the link on our home page at   

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy,   Ken<><

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