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Armageddon,    (Hebrew: “Hill of Megiddo ?”),    8/5/21   From Ken Smith<><

 In the New Testament, place where the kings of the earth under demonic leadership will wage war on the forces of God at the end of history. Armageddon is mentioned in the Bible only once, in the Revelation to John, or the Apocalypse of St. John (16:16).  (Prophesy given to John by Jesus.)     The Palestinian city of Megiddo, located on a pass commanding a road connecting Egypt and Syria, was probably chosen as a symbol for such a battle, because it had been the scene of many military encounters owing to its strategic location. (Megiddo was also the site of a crucial battle in 1918 during the First World War and lent its name to the victor: Lord Allenby of Megiddo.) The term Armageddon has often been used by Protestant fundamentalists to refer to an impending cataclysmic struggle between the forces of good and evil. (See apocalyptic literature.) It has also been used figuratively, often by peace activists, to describe a possible nuclear world war.   by Robert E. Lerner.

Isaiah 5:30:   Armageddon?   And in that day they [the army from afar] shall roar against [the Jews] like the roaring of the sea. And if one looks to the land, behold, there is darkness and distress; and the light [itself] will be darkened by the clouds of it.     ( Seems like this is in the news now just about every day,  so looks like things Biblically are moving ahead.   15 prophetic events were to happen prior to the countdown and all 15 are happening now.

Prior to the confrontation of Armageddon as shared in Rev. 16:16 there are several events to happen.   Next on the prophetic list is a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God and a time of false peace and then to everyone’s great surprise,  Jesus comes and removes His Church from earth.  (Some call it the Rapture.)    We tend to think of church as a building when it is really individual people in the unity of John 17 & Eph.4:11-16,  (please read).   After this will come a time of horror and WRATH of 7 years known as the Great Tribulation which starts as world peace and ends in world slavery.  So if you are part of the LORD’S Church you will miss out on that time of the Great Wrath of God.  At the end of that 7 years comes Armageddon where Jesus destroys the armies of the world and enforces a true world peace for 1,000 years.   So I have taken this time to share about the snatching away of the Church or so called,  “The Rapture” as it will be a time resurrection,  rewards, victory and a true union with our Creator.  And it may be soon,  you really don’t want to miss it.  Jesus taught that the Rapture would be a big surprise for all.  Matt. 24:37 & 25.   I know of no Old Testament scripture concerning the Rapture but many concerning HIS 2nd Advent as KING of KINGS….   Ezekiel 34:12 comes close:   “As a shepherd seeks out his sheep in the day that he is among his flock that are scattered, so will I seek out My sheep; and I will rescue them out of all places where they have been scattered in the day of clouds and thick darkness.”  Daniel 7:13 is interesting:   “I saw in the night visions, and behold, on the clouds of the heavens came One like a Son of man, and He came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before Him.”   (For me:  clouds = darkness or lucifer who still has access and the Son of man, Jesus presented Himself to the Heavenly Father and was able to start the process of redemption and the removal of the darkness from the Heavens as in Rev. 12:11…. and the removal of the darkness from the earth as in Rev. 19….  It was the Glory of God that was set before Jesus that gave HIM the faith to endure the death of the cross.  HE knew by the Holy Scriptures exactly what HE was asked to do and HE did it gladly in love for us.   Now the darkness of the clouds can no longer hold the creation of GOD because of Jesus,  so we are free,  if we want it.  In the New Creation there will no longer be any clouds of darkness.  Ezek.28:18  And the dark clouds can no longer stop us from victory.      Matt. 24:37,  Mark 13:35-37,  Luke 21:36 (Jesus tells us,  ” To watch so as to be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass,  and to stand before the Son of man.”)  He tells about the great tribulation and then how to escape.)   Can you see that?  The portion in Matt. 24:37 and on…   Is the first clear mention of the Rapture in the Bible that I am aware of?  Picked up again in Acts:1:9-11  that the taking up of Jesus into the clouds is the same way that HE will return for the Church.   Clouds mentioned 50 times in the AMP   The Rapture is for the saved.   1 Thess. 4:17:   “Then we, the living ones who remain [on the earth], shall simultaneously be caught up along with [the resurrected dead] in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so always (through the eternity of the eternities) we shall be with the Lord!

This is the fist thing that John learns about as he is recording the words of Jesus for The Revelation. Jesus shares as though the resurrection has already happened and HIS second advent is about to happen.   Jesus shares HIS blessings for the Church in Rev. 1:1-6.  The Church is already with Him and at home with the LORD and verse 6 ends with an Amen  

BUT then in the next verse  Rev. 1:7. is judgment.   “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth shall gaze upon Him and beat their breasts and mourn and lament over Him. Even so [must it be]. Amen (so be it).    In verse 7.    Jesus shares about judgment. and crying, also ends with an Amen. 

Also He is in the clouds come in the same way at Armageddon in Judgment of the damned.   So we see 2 different events listed as important in the first seven verses of The Revelation..  The Revelation is not chronological, it is full of rabbit trails which must be matched to a time line as in Chapters 6 & 12.  Covers church age 2,000 yrs. Tribulation 7 yrs,  the Millennium Kingdom of Christ Jesus of 1,000 yrs and the new heavens and the new earth for eternity.

“The average man is not going to be impressed by our publicity, our posters or our programs, but let there be a demonstration of the supernatural in the realm of religion, and at once man is arrested.”- Duncan Campbell    “When Holy God draws near in true revival, people come under terrible conviction of sin. The outstanding feature of spiritual awakening has been the profound consciousness of the Presence and holiness of God”  – Henry Blackaby    “A true revival means nothing less than a revolution, casting out the spirit of worldliness and selfishness, and making God and His love triumph in the heart and life.”- Andrew Murray    “When may a revival be expected? When the wickedness of the wicked grieves and distresses the Christian.” – B. Sunday    “It’s true that (many) are praying for a worldwide revival. But it would be more timely, and more scriptural, for prayer to be made to the Lord of the harvest, that He would raise up and thrust forth laborers who would fearlessly and faithfully preach those truths which are calculated to bring about a revival.”- A. W. Pink.    “I believe there is no doctrine more dangerous to the Church today than to convey the impression that a revival is something peculiar in itself and cannot be judged by the same rules of causes and effect as other things.”  – Billy Sunday

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace and Mercy, Ken<><

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