Worth Considedring

Aloha Arnold, How you doing?  What happening in your part of the world?   We are rather locked down so doing more time on my web ministry.  Just sent a note earlier about our little mini farm in Kealia.
As to the link for WORTH CONSIDERING,   I see you did some more refining on it but it is still difficult to find subjects of interest and then go from there to another subject?   Unless I am not using it properly???   Which does happen now at my age more then I want to admit.
So if I want to go from C to W and back to F it seems like i must back out of that page and start all over in opening to a different page?
Would it be possible to make a single page directory or index page with 3 or 4 word columns of alphabetized subjects really close together where a person could find their subject and read what they want and then have it return back to the index page for the next search or subject of interest?  Same subjects could be tied together as that is happening more now as the subject may come up several times.   I am sure you will have a better answer than I do to better surf these files.  Getting to be a large book it would seem.  Do you feel it is worth the effort?   Are we getting much action?
Are you going to get to Hawaii any time soon?   After the house arrest, of course. Be Blessed in your day,   Ken<><

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