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VISION OF GOD,   “WORTH CONSIDERING”   8/7/20,    From Ken<><
Today’s Scripture        (In my mail box this morning from a church in Texas.)
“…Jabez prayed to the God of Israel: “Bless me, O bless me! Give me land, large tracts of land. And provide your personal protection—don’t let evil hurt me.” God gave him what he asked…”   (1 Chronicles 4:10, MSG)

Blessed Indeed
The name Jabez means “pain, sorrow, suffering.” Every time someone said, “Hello, Jabez,” they were saying, “Hello, sorrow. Hello, pain.” They were prophesying defeat and failure. You can imagine how he could have let that make him feel inferior and insecure. But despite what people labeled him, he had the boldness to ask big, that God would bless him with abundance and protection. And God blessed him indeed.    Like Jabez, you may have reasons to settle where you are—what you didn’t get, what people said, the odds may be against you—but the good news is that God is for you. He can thrust you further than you ever imagined, but you have to pray bold prayers. Ask in spite of the circumstances. Ask in spite of what people are saying. Ask in spite of what the enemy keeps whispering in your ears. If you’re going to reach your highest potential, you have to learn this principle of asking big.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that when the odds are against me, You are for me. Thank You that nothing and no one is more powerful than You, and I can dare to pray bold prayers. I believe that You are going to bless me with abundance as You did Jabez. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Comments,
Sort of reminds me being in grade school where the kids use to tease me by calling me “Can Not” rather than Kenneth.  I was good looking for a kid.  In the first grade made friends with very pretty twins…. holding hands both sides.   Later in the day got beat up by both of their boy friends.  I am sure a lot of the teasing was my fault as I look back and it continued even through the army to College.  As an only child I never really learned how to get along with others my age.  And all of those concept of who I thought I was had to be trashed when I came to Jesus in 1955 at age 23.  And then the process of who I really could be in Christ Jesus started to take hold.  In fact even now each day is a new awareness of who I am because of what God thinks about me rather than anyone else.

You see, in my creation my Creator knew who I could become in HIM as HE has absolute and perfect foreknowledge.  Even upon conception HE knew exactly who I could become in HIM.  So for HIM it is a slam dunk of who I will become in HIM in the Kingdom and HE is excited in getting to have fellowship with the new real me upon completion my time.  Of course, for now,  I am locked in this temporary dimension of time and can only catch a glimpse of all this as I get a reflection of me in HIS face.  But when I spend time with HIM and see my reflection every once in a while and it really pumps me up.  I really appreciate the potentially new me that I see in HIS faith for me as I grow up in HIM.  So I then can get my eyes off of what I use to be or even where I am now and line up with where I will be in Christ Jesus if I finish the course that HE has laid out for me.  Like a kid going though God’s Spiritual Training School of time on how to productively use my free will.  We are either in His school and being trained and disciplined in love.  Or we are playing hooky and out enjoying a romp through the park.  Of course only the five wise virgins were admitted into the Holy City.  The five hooky playing dumb virgins asked to get in they were told, “I don’t know you, we never had a relationship.”  Matt.25:12..  Should read the whole chapter to get the whole picture.  But bottom line, Our Creator wants us to learn to love all souls as HE does and to help those who belong to HIM for sure.  We have been given the assignment to teach others as others have taught us from the pure teaching in the Holy Scriptures.  And this all begins when we start to see ourselves in the light of the potential of what God’s sees us.  HIS original vision was to make us into HIS Image and Likeness, if we were up for it.  He has given each of us a freewill.  He will never violate our freewill even in 1 Cor.14:32 we are taught that, “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.”  In other words, we can restrict the Holy Spirit from teaching or in prophesy if we want to.  If we become seduced by some demon to not share in the mystery of salvation and then we will miss out in the joy of reproduction.  Eph.4:14-15 shares about this: “  14 So that we are no longer children [spiritually immature], tossed back and forth [like ships on a stormy sea] and carried about by every wind of [shifting] doctrine, by the cunning and trickery of [unscrupulous] men, by the deceitful scheming of people ready to do anything [for personal profit]. 15 But speaking the truth in love [in all things—both our speech and our lives expressing His truth], let us grow up in all things into Him [following His example] who is the Head—Christ.”  As our Lord’s prime concern was in sharing HIS truth with the lost and healing and setting souls free.  Should this not be HIS primary concern and direction for our lives as well?  

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy, Ken<><

There is but one apostolic and universal Church of Christ Jesus as LORD
All who trust in, rely upon and cling to HIM are members for eternity.

Worthy Brief <; Islamic terrorists Boko Haram slaughtered 10 civilians and kidnapped seven others on July 31 in the Lake Chad region near the border of Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon, reports.    Muslim Fulani herdsmen continue to murder Christian Nigerians and, on July 29, fourteen Baptist Christians were killed in Agbadu-Daruwana in central Nigeria’s Kogi state, Morning Star News reports. “Please pray for God’s intervention against antichrist in the land,” leaders of the All Africa Baptist Fellowship have implored in a Facebook post.   A new study has found that infection with common cold viruses can teach the human immune system to recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19, Live Science reports.    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured a coronavirus ward at a Jerusalem hospital on Thursday, vowing to do his utmost to ensure Israelis will get access to a vaccine for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, as soon as possible. Netanyahu said the target date to begin widespread vaccination drives is early 2021.    Nine named storms already in the books have broken records for the 2020 Atlantic hurricanes.  And more on the way.

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