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VICTORY   “WORTH CONSIDERING”     4/22/20   From,   Ken<>< 

Today’s Scripture   (Found in my e-mail box, this morning from Texas.)
“…When the builders completed the foundation of the Temple, the priests…blew their trumpets; and…crashed their cymbals to praise the Lord…singing this song: “He is good, and his love and mercy toward Israel will last forever…”  (Ezra 3:10–11, TLB)

Celebrate Partial Victories
The Israelites had a dream to rebuild the temple. It was a huge task. After much work and frustration, they finally finished the foundation. They hadn’t even started the walls, yet they had a huge party. They could have said, “Forget it. We’re never going to finish,” but instead, they celebrated the small victory.

We all have things in our life that are incomplete. We’ve made some progress, but the dream hasn’t come to pass, a problem hasn’t turned around. Too often we wait for the total victory to celebrate. “When I get out of debt, I’ll be grateful.” But the key to seeing it come to fulfillment is to not let its completion hold your thanksgiving hostage. Celebrate partial victories along the way. When you pay off one credit card, celebrate what God has done. When you pass the test of being grateful for the small things, He’ll release big things in your life—more favor, more healing, more strength.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for Your faithfulness and love and mercy in my life. Thank You for the partial victories that You have given me, and I know that You are working to bring them to completion. Help me continue to be grateful and see every promise fulfilled. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Thoughts:
It is my understanding that the “Church” of Christ Jesus, Makes herself ready and goes home in the Glory, Blessings, Victory and and the Power of God.  So what we have happening around us with covid-19 may be the beginning of process of bringing that refinement to pass.   People are now held hostage at home, considering, what is this all about?  Families are forced to take a new look at their lives and to decide what is really important.  No job, bills, rents, payments, food and the kids are home for at least another 4 months…

But for us Christians (real Christians) our loving Creator God has promised us a way out, a way of escape.  Hope you pray and take the time to find it.    And that HE would like us to use the time to draw closer to HIM.  A time to begin a New Testament House Church in your home beginning with our immediate family.  Interested?   Find my book,, “Keys To The Kingdom” a link on our homepage at:  You can do it, and God will bless you for it.  There is a verse in the Bible that teaches us,            “satan meant it for evil but God used it for Good. “

So seems to me we are headed into the birth pains of Matt.24, Mark 13 & Luke 21 as what Luke called “The End of the Age of the Gentiles.”  Luke 21:24,  Found in Dan.8:12-14, 12:11. 

Matt 24 & 25

One of the first prophesies of Jesus Christ in this regard  has been rather misunderstood…Jesus as a Rabbinical Teacher would first share with HIS disciples what they are about to learn as an introduction.  He  would then break down the teaching as to the questions that were asked.  And for the last He would teach on that which was to be remembered as the most important, Matt.24 & 25 is a prophetic teaching similar to The Revelation given to John, it is not chronological.

Jesus begins this revelation with an overview.  The first question that was needed for that generation.  It was the warning of the destruction of the Temple by Titus in 70 AD.  Due to this prophesy the Christians escaped the destruction of Jerusalem.  The next was about the end of the age and was answered to Armageddon.   And  HIS final teaching concerned HIS return for HIS Church.  Most everything important to us fits into these last two answers.   HIS First Prophesy and answer was fulfilled exactly as HE prophesied in 70 AD:  “Not one stone would be left standing on another (of the Temple).”   The Temple cedar roof system in Jerusalem was covered with gold leaf, when burned the Gold melted down in between the stones.  Titus had the Temple stones removed to recover the gold.  And in 70 AD the persecutions of the Jews after that time, by Rome, became extreme.

Matt: 24:1-3….   The Questions
Matt. 24:4-14….   The Introduction or overview.
Matt. 24:15-20…   Warnings about Jerusalem and Titus in 70 AD…  Temple Destruction.    Matt. 24:21-36…    More details for the “End of The Age”  Armageddon.  (Includes Rapture)
Matt. 24:37-51 and Chapter 25…   Teaches in detail about of the Rapture or Translation of the Church (Rapture) and being ready… Our LORD was using Noah’s departure as similar in nature to HIS Return for HIS CHURCH.  Noah lived in a time of  false peace  just before he and family were saved from the destruction of that lawless civilization.  The false peace of the N.W.O. comes prior to the Rapture but will not exist during the 7 yr. Great Tribulation of Subjugation, World Domination, Slavery and Final Judgment of God   But in a time of false peace, Matt.24:40-41 our Lord is obviously considering the Rapture or Translation of HIS Church.  And Christ Jesus spends the rest of chapter 24 and all of chapter 25 making sure that HIS Church would know to be awake for HIS return in the clouds for our new life.

(Snatching Away) IS NOT A NEW IDEA for HIS Church.
It appears that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture was a teaching in sermons found back before 306 AD. by Ephraem of Nesibis  306 – 373 AD,   Wilheim Bowset 376-411,   Caspari 565-627,  Alexander,  Isidor 636, and of course John Darby 1830.  For more information on this subject:’    It would appear that as it was required for Israel to again become a  nation prior to the Rapture.     So seems there was a total lack of interest in the subject till 1948.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy,   Ken<><

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