UNITY     6/14/18
How to bring Christian Ministries into a John 17:20-26 much needed Unity is going to take some real soul searching and wisdom for us Christians in the Holy Spirit?  The Church of Christ Jesus needs to come into Universal Unity for the Power of the Holy Spirit to flow again like in (ACTS 2:43, 5:14-16,  notice: Every One was healed.)   And we need to become prepared for the next Great Harvest of Souls and then to GO HOME.  We go home,  clean house, boot out lucifer (Rev.12:11) and enjoy our union with Christ Jesus. (Rev. 19)   Then Armageddon, help set up the 1,000 year Kingdom of Christ Jesus as KING of KINGS.   Then one last battle and a new heaven and a new earth of Righteousness with our Creator for Eternity.    As Christians we need to see that our differences,  in humility and love,  are a wonderful opportunity to find more of GOD’s TRUTH and FREEDOM.  The world is totally confused by the differences that they see in our divisions.  We have agreed to disagree. This does not work.  (United we stand, divided we fall.)

Eschatology  (Study of Prophesy) is also something that most are interested in as we seem to be coming into our LORD’s prophesy’s of Matt.24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 and the end of this age.

Denominations and Cults often weave in some kind of a special track for securing their own community and keeping their “own” membership safe so as to pay their “own bills.”  Many of which are not for the poor or for evangelism as per the scriptures.  Often it is just not a Jesus Church.   When I was the moderator one year for the local Ministerial Association I was sharing on unity and the other ministers told me that they were all very much in unity.  I suggested that then they should all have the same ministry bank account,  I about got hooted out of the meeting.

In a Jesus Church there is only the membership to Christ Jesus as LORD and to learn to hear HIS voice and do what HE says to do.  Of course there is provided by the Holy Spirit a structure of elders to help guide us in this purpose, (Eph.4:11-16.)   But these Elders also need to be guided by the Holy Spirit.   And have a global view and not a local,  political or a denominational kind of view.  His Church is HIS people,  not the steeple.  I hope to live to see a Church/Fire that brings unity with every other Church that is on fire into the John 17 Unity that our LORD prayer for.   The New Testament began with HIS Resurrection.  No one was a Christian until HIS Resurrection and the debt of sin was paid in full.  Then the Church was started at Pentecost with the coming of the Holy Spirit.   That process is still at work in the world today but nearly over for the gathering of HIS CHURCH.

God has set out 7,000 years to develop HIS Eternal Family of souls who are to become in HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS as per the original design plan.  He was powerful with man for the first 2000 years,  Then with Abraham and Moses came the 2,000 years of Faith and LAW.  Now we are nearly concluding the 2,000 years of Faith and LOVE in Christ Jesus.   Next we have a Sabbath of 1,000 years of REST in the Kingdom of Christ Jesus to complete the restoration process.  After that is a New Heaven and a New Earth with our Heavenly Father living in LIGHT and RIGHTEOUSNESS as an Eternal Family without time, fear or sin but in LOVE, POWER and a SOUND MIND.

There are a lot of folks that have been deceived by a traditional religious theater church experience that is advertised as the way to heaven, but ???,  Isa. 28:9-20.   Our relationship to Christ Jesus is as LORD ( King,  Master) and then SAVIOR on a personal level,  HE is the only way into God’s Holy Light for Eternity.   HE is building a KINGDOM,  not a democracy,  and we will not get to vote.   But a Kingdom with a perfect loving King is the very best form of government.

There is only one True Church of Christ Jesus and all who love and obey HIM are members. 
In the New Testament HE give us HIS commandments to obey and they are good for us.

HIS TRUTH sets us FREE and brings us no bondage.  The lies of sin do bring us into bondage.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy,   Ken<><   www.Trinity-Aloha.org

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