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TIME,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”     3/31/20    
Today’s Scripture   (In my emails this morning.)
“…Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.”  (Ephesians 5:15–16, NIV)

Be “On Purpose”
Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have. It’s more valuable than money. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. To “redeem the time” means don’t waste it. We have a responsibility to use our time wisely. Paul said in effect that if you’re going to reach your highest potential, you have to be an “on purpose” person and invest your life in what’s best for you. You know where you’re going. You’re not vague, distracted, waiting to see what happens. You’re focused. You’re making the most of each opportunity.

God has given you a present. It’s called “today.” Are you living it to the full? With purpose and passion? Pursuing your dreams? Or are you distracted? Indifferent? Just doing whatever comes along? Make this decision that you’re going to redeem the time. Get focused. Get organized. Set your goals. Make your plans. Once this day is over, you can never get it back.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for giving me the gift of this day to live to the full. Thank You that You are calling me to invest my life in what’s best for me, to redeem the time, and to run my life with purpose and passion. Help me to make the most of every opportunity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

If you would like some spiritual company in what may headed our way, read again Matt.24, Mark13, Luke 21 and Heb. 11.   And perhaps get a copy of Fox’s “Book of Martyrs.”   As a Christian it seems to me best to decide to combat this virus with faith as well as all of the recommendations.   So far we have about 5 confirmed cases on the Big Island but it appear that 1/3 of our Island is now hazardous.   So anytime someone goes to town for food or what ever there is a possibility of exposure now especially in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  But the worst thing you could do is get into is fear which can also shut down our immune system and make it more of an issue than it is.  

This next was written by others but my feeling as well.  So we do what we can to stay safe and then we turn it all over to our Heavenly Father.  A Prayer:  “I’m turning it all over to You, LORD.   I’m going to tune out the news today and turn up my praise. YOU ARE THE Most High God and fighting my battles. After all, you, God are my true refuge and strength and healer.   You are my present help in a time of trouble. You are with me and for me. Amen! ”   Rom. 8

We are all in this together. These are unknown times, but we can be encouraged that as we pray and praise in the midst of the storm, our faith is strengthened, our peace increases, and we acknowledge God is abundantly present with us, Rom.8…   “After all, Jesus came to heal us and never made anyone sick.”

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy, Ken<><   www.Trinity-Aloha.org

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