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SALVATION       “WORTH CONSIDERING”    2/21/22         From,   Ken Smith<><

About 60 years ago, when going up from Orange County to Big Bear Lake to visit my mother. On the way,  there was a small tunnel that all had to drive though.   On this day, I noticed that some well meaning Christian had defaced the rocks  above the tunnel entrance and had written “JESUS SAVES” in big bright green letters.  My feeling was not too positive as to the effort and it was very dangerous in being up there over the road,  to do that, for sure.   And then about a month later I went again to visit and there had been written under JESUS SAVES the words:   “GREEN STAMPS” which were being given at that time to get folks to buy a different product and gas.   And I had mixed emotions but finally had to laugh out loud as I was going through the little tunnel.  Later it was all painted over but never ever really looked the same after that.

So what is being SAVED all about?   And for sure, to be SAVED, I would first need to know that I was, perhaps, unsaved and needed saving.  So if you don’t care about being saved or lost this will not be something of interest to you but I will try to share God’s Truth, from the Bible, about the Subject of Salvation so that there is no confusion as to what God has given HIS prophets to share with us about HIS salvation.

Contrary to what a lot of ministers preach, we were not born in the image and likeness of GOD.  That was the potential in the beginning of the creation of man but was lost in the rebellion, pride and disobedience of our first parents.  So we have all been born into a world that is spiritually dead , John 3, (Rom.6:11, 1 Cor. 15:22,  Eph 2:1, Eph 2:5, Col.2:13 ) and if you want to dig even deeper consider John 8, where Jesus calls the Religious Leaders of HIS day the Children of satan.  So seems we are born lost.  The Bible teaches that our soul is created eternal and in that way, we are like GOD.   So now it becomes a matter of eternal placement.  But our eternal soul now lives in a temporary body for the purpose of growth and communications if we are up for it.  So being lost simply means that if we reject God’s offer of Salvation of being Saved and neglect going through the process of Sanctification (to be changed to be like God..)  That God will not give those who reject HIS Salvation of being saved a new body to further mess up like we did with this temporary one.  So no new body means, no light, feel, taste, smell, sound… Only to exist with our earthly recorded thoughts through all eternity, alone, with no place of repentance and remembering all of the times that you could have changed all of that through God’s loving mercy and grace in Christ Jesus as LORD.  So if you like yourself the way that you are, when you die, get ready, as you will live with only yourself alone for all eternity.  That is what God wants to save you from in Christ Jesus.  But HE can not violate your free will or love would be of no value.   I have not given you all of the scriptures to support all of this but they are in my link at: www.OhanaChurch.Life under “Worth Considering” at the bottom of the Homepage.  And there is a search engine that works rather well, Try It!!!!

So what does God want to save us for and what can we do or need to do about it ?   There is a beautiful teaching about this in the prophesy of Jesus Christ in Rev.21:3-7 that gives us the clear picture along with  the support of many other scriptures that our Creator God would like us to become HIS eternal Family.  And that all are invited and if we truly want to live in righteousness that Creator GOD will give us the grace or power to help us learn what we need to learn to be able to make the jump to light speed and live with HIM in loving peace & joy in pure righteousness with humility and obedience in faith for eternity in a brand new eternal body.

So being “Saved” is not the trip up front to make Jesus Savior but a rock bottom decision  to make HIM your very personal LORD, Rom.10:9-10.   We have grown up in a democracy which gives us the freedom to agree to disagree.  That is not what our Creator God has in Mind.   He has in mind a KINGDOM with Christ Jesus being the absolute KING in pure unity.  So it is not of feeling good or being with others,   but the “WAY” of salvation begins with making Christ Jesus Lord and then through humility and obedience learning to find, digest and consume all of the commandments of Christ Jesus until we become just like HIM,   1 John 4:17-21

You have been lied to if you think you can make Jesus your savior and continue to live as you like.  James taught that faith without works is dead….  Salvation is by and through faith alone but if there is no fruit as to your faith,  Jesus teaches about this in Matt.13 and of the good seed of God planted only 25% grew without weeds and then still got pruned to bear more fruit.  Also notice that 50% of the seeds germinated and were alive but later died due to lack of proper care.  Jesus taught that unless we take the time to find HIS commandments and keep them with HIM being truly being our LORD that we would not make it into the Kingdom of God.   That only  he that endures to the end will really be saved.  In fact in Hebrew 6, Apostle Paul covers this in detail.  Salvation is  a life long process.  As long as you are alive, you have an Adamic, earthy bent that our Creator want’s to help you to be delivered from as in Roman 8:13-14.  But the daily  choice is always yours.  However if we choose humility and obedience then our Creator God will give us the grace (power) to be victorious.

Jesus said, “Why call me LORD and don’t do what I say.”   He also said that if we found HIS commandments and kept them that we would be loved by HIM and His Heavenly Father.    In most, so call churches, that I have attended, the Gospel has been so watered down with man made traditions as to hardly be found in the Bible at all.   And there is little or no power, 2 Tim.3:5.    For 13 years I was in a church that taught, “Once saved, always saved” and in 1968 I found out,  it was a total lie.  We are not saved unless we learn to overcome the darkness of this world..   1 John 5:5,   Rev. 2:7,  2:11,   2:17,   2:26,   3:5,   3:12,   3:21,    Rev.21:7.    When Jesus Returns for HIS Church it will be glorious and powerful without spot, wrinkle or blemish and she will have made herself ready and will look just like HER LORD.   She then boots lucifer out of the heavens in Rev.12:11.   She will become the Rod of Iron with which Her Lord, Christ Jesus shall rule the universe.  Ps. 2:9, Rev. 2:27, 12:5 & 19:15.   So if you are not on board with learning how to have a personal,  Rom. 8 victory in Christ Jesus and be an overcomer.  If you believe that because you made Jesus your savior long ago but He is not your LORD (boss, king) to find and keep HIS Word, today,   you just might not even be saved.  Our Creator God is never going to allow pride and rebellion to contaminate HIS new Kingdom.  Either Jesus is your LORD, or HE is not LORD at all.    He is not going to share HIS power and glory with other little Kings in a divided house to populate HIS new Kingdom of eternity.   When this 7,000 years of temporary time dimension is over, our Creator God is going to make a new creation in Righteousness.  In which many are called but few are chosen.  But the choice is ours, while alive,  to come and drink of the waters of life freely, or not,   but when you die,  the side you are on,  will be for eternity.  This is what comes to me from the Bible, in context.

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace & Mercy,  Ken<><    www.OhanaChurch.Life
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