SAFE        “WORTH CONSIDERING”    10/25/22

Of course Biblically to be safe is to be where the Holy Spirit wants you to be, if we can hear HIS voice above all of the other voices.   Security is not what we are really good at.   I have many scars to prove  that learning process.  Our Creator God has set in place sowing and reaping as a universal cosmic law.  But it is only when we turn off our internal normal static of life that we can tune in to HIS voice to a totally different wave link and can be where it is really safe.  Our Creator sent me to Hawaii in 1969.  And after 50 years, it is totally home for me.  Here it is 10/25/22 in Kealia, at 77F and 77 % humidity with a beautiful sunny day, and 8 great grand children giving me tons of love every day.   Lawn is cut,  home is safe and clean all are clean, feed and happy and My grandson is working on the roofing for the back lanai for the ohana.  It is like a Jesus centered oasis on this ½ acre of growing food.  Enjoying a good fellowship each day and on Friday;   6 adults and 8 kids last Friday HouseChurch and the kids were really into it.  Starting to get a little fire going now after so many years of trying.

But nationally, I feel rather concerned for those of you in the 48 States, especially if in an urban area.  We need to be in prayer that some adults with integrity are elected to the house and senate on 11/4 as we are teetering right on the edge of becoming another Socialistic Slave State  of the masses.  So be in prayer for the peace of the world as there is not much left.

Even in our country:
Alaska            Most violent place to live
Tennessee      3rd most violent place to live
Arizona          9th most violent place to live
Hawaii           11th most safe place to live
Maine            Safest place to live.

The US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply; Shortage Could Cripple Economy   “Now, after draining our emergency reserves to a 40-year low, Democrats want billions more of taxpayer dollars to refill the [Strategic Petroleum Reserve] at more than double the price,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told the New York Post last week. “This is a direct attack on every single American struggling to fill their tanks and heat their homes.”

It would seem that we are very close to being stuck with what we have and where we are.   So if the stores that you shop at, next week, had empty shelves, what would happen to you and your family?   So if you are planning to do something, please do not procrastinate.   If the Holy Spirit has been taking to you about doing something, you best be about doing it.

If you don’t want these e-mails please let me know, I would like to reduce the mailings.  To stop just hit return and write STOP in the Subject line.

The reason for my concern is,  I am not even sure if the coming Nov. mid term will be able to turn things around.   So many now are trying to bankrupt this nation and still look good so as to take control when if folds.   When Rome folded, those who promised the most perks from the government were elected to the Senate then took what was left of the treasury and did not even pay the army and it all went down the tube into the Dark Ages for 900 years.  We have the same situation plus we have 4 countries that hate us with the ability to send an EMP sneak attack of our power grid that could kill an estimated 90% of our population in 48 of our States with just one bomb in one year.  And not destroy a physical thing, except computer chips.  We would destroy ourselves trying to survive.   Seems the LORD may be coming soon now.

Jim Hagman,  Put it this way,   One party in Nov. is building a platform with the promises to:
1.  Kill babies
2.  Mutilate and give children drugs that will damage them for life by lying to them about being able to change their gender/sex.
3.  Destroy women’s sports by allowing men to compete against them
4.   Encourage crime by reducing police forces and no bail policies.
5.  Destroy the economy with false claims that fuels the green agenda with the basic use of oil?
6.  Destroy the borders by allowing everyone and anyone to enter the USA. What other country in the world does that?
7.  Destroy our election system with mail in voting, online vote recording that can be changed And saying it’s racist to ask for ID.               
8. Wrecked the economy by causing inflation by spending trillions of dollars we don’t have.
9.  Have the FBI raid any of our political opponents.
I apologize in advance because I probably missed a few items but that’s at least a good start.

Ken here,
Seems the other Party is also self centered in many ways with both parties having a difficult time with telling the truth or ethics or being law abiding.

So,  for me, seems,  something seems to be blowing in the wind.  Inflation is hitting every one pretty hard.  We are not yet out of the woods from the pandemics.    Stock Market and Real estate is starting to tank.   Taxes are heading up and up.  Almost into a 3rd World War.  Debt load impossible.  Seems we are on the same path, or worse, than the 1929 great depression.

But as I was talking to the LORD early this morning,  I had a wonderful sense of peace that all was well and that the Elect of God were in the hollow of HIS hand and under HIS protection.  And that these things were all in prophesy and only the birth pains, necessary for the completion and the delivery of the Body of Christ (1 Cor.12) into the wonderful Kingdom of God.  So if you are truly walking out your salvation in the love of Jesus as LORD, you will be OK.   The Holy Spirit with guide you to be in the right place at the right time..  He also shared with me that it was important for us to judge ourselves as HIS judgment was fist to begin at the House of God to remove the hypocrites and the self centered from his flock.  And those who were walking in the vain traditions of this world and telling others that they were of HIM.  The Church of Christ Jesus is to go home without spot, wrinkle or blemish and be an exceptional match for the King of Kings in humility and obedience.   Just the opposite of Adam & Eve..

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace & Mercy,   Ken<>< www.OhanaChurch.Life

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