[revival] The “ALL MUSHY” GOD??

Aloha,   Really “WORTH CONSIDERING” as we come to the end of this age.   Blessings,   Ken<>< On 7/1/2021 9:26 PM, REVIVAL List wrote: > The “ALL-MUSHY” God?? > by Bryan Hupperts > > Genesis 17:1 “When Abram was ninety-nine years old the > LORD appeared to Abram, and said to him, “I am God Almighty; > walk before me, and be blameless.” > > There are two “gods” in Christian circles, the All Mushy God, > and the All Mighty God. One is a pretender and the other is the > absolute Lord of all. And which God you bow before and worship > will make an eternal difference in your own destiny. So chose wisely. > > The All Mighty God invites fallen man to new heights in Christ. > He offers the opportunity to become “new creations” in a fallen > world. It is He who sees value in prostitutes, deceived religious > professors (thank you, Charles Finney), in outcasts and He came > to invite people such as these into His eternal kingdom. Why, > He even loves “good” people! The price of knowing this God > is uncompromised love and absolute obedience to His Word and > ways. He invites fallen man to cast off his carnal life in order to > be raised “up” to be seated with him in heavenly places in Christ. > > Now consider the All Mushy God. He’s the god of the Christian > pop culture conferences. He’s always “contradicting” the standards > of His Word in favor of a new revelation/ new move of the Spirit. > He kinda winks at sin because he understands that we are but > dust. He knows that we are “only human.” The All Mushy God > cringes at judgmental words like sin, repentance, godly sorrow, > and such. He exists only to make men happy and to make us > “feel good” about ourselves… He doesn’t demand much of us, > just faithful attendance, some money, occasional spiritual activity, > and keeping our noses as clean as we can. > > Contrast the All Mighty God with the All Mushy God. The All > Mighty is the supreme Creator and Redeemer who came to save > men from their sins. The All Mushy God came to sanctify the > ego and make good people feel even better about themselves. > Might implies great strength. Mush is a goo that just sort of > sticks to whatever and requires no backbone. So which “god” > are you serving? > > The real issue is not in the character of God. Malachi 3:6 “For > I the LORD do not change;” and, Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ > is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” God is who and what He is. > > The problem with the All-Mushy God is that he is a figment of the > imagination of deceived men. He is the god we find when we grade > on a curve. He is the “dumbed down” God of the Bible. The All > Mighty God is so lofty and holy that certain pop Bible teachers > try to “humanize him” even as the pagan ancient Greeks did with > their lustful, wrathful, petty gods. They diminish His eternal glory > and create a fictional god in their own image. And after robbing > God of His glory, all that is left is a dumb idol they can peddle for > financial gain through the sales of their books and tapes in the market place. > > The liberating Truth is that God already humanized himself in the > person of Jesus Christ! Phillip asked Jesus to see the Father. > And Jesus classic reply is fit. John 14:9 “Jesus said to him, > ‘Have I been with you so long, and yet you do not know me, > Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father; how can you > say, ‘Show us the Father’?” If you want to see the face of the > Almighty God, look into the face of His Son. When you’ve seen > the face of the Son, you’ve seen the heart of the Father! > > We do not need to “dumb down” the Gospel to make the message > of the Cross effective and relevant in our modern hip culture. It is > only when Jesus is lifted UP that he draws men unto himself. > > When you appear before God to give an account of your life, do > you expect to see the literal fulfillment of, “Every knee shall bow > and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord?” Or do you expect > to hear, “Never mind your numerous adulteries, the children you > molested, the thefts and cons you scammed on the unsuspecting, > I know your heart. Come on in and party, kid.” > > Those who serve the Almighty God will joyfully bow the knee and > enter into the joy of their Lord. Those who serve the All Mushy > God get answer #2 – as the flames are stoked a bit hotter. > > ~Bryan Hupperts, > © 1999 SheepTrax. > > > — > YES! – You have permission to post these emails to friends > or other groups, boards, etc – unless there is a Copyright > notice above which says differently. > > To subscribe, please send a ‘subscribe’ email to- > prophetic@revivalschool.com > > See our website and comments board- > www.revivalschool.com/ > > To unsubscribe, send ANY message to: anzac-unsubscribe@welovegod.org > > To send material for consideration for publication, send to- > prophetic@revivalschool.com > > MODERATOR: > Andrew Strom, > Sunnyvale, > Auckland, > New Zealand. >

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