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ARMAGEDDON & The KINGDOM #6. in series.   “WORTH CONSIDERING”   7/2/21

An overview 6 of 7 of “The Revelation” of Jesus Christ as written by Apostle John.   by Ken Smith<><

In the past 5 studies we have covered    1.)Signs,   2.) Rapture,   3.) 7 yrs. ECSTASY,   4.)144,000,  5.) 7 yrs. WRATH,    6.)  Armageddon & Kingdom,   7.)  New Heaven & Earth

Today, and every day we are seeing the movement of the atheistic Socialistic Kingdom, The New Word Order seeking to plant the seeds of destruction in our United States.  Soros has spent billions of his own money towards the vision of a one world concept.    Pretty much the rest of the world has either been subjugated or does not care.   So,  as goes the U.S.,  so goes the world..  Most of the lies of the false peace are now found everywhere and the real truth has been locked up now as most of the sources of objective news in the U.S.  Have been closed down.   And our educational system is now overrun with those who find the lies of Socialism rational.  Over 30 million so called Evangelicals did not even vote in the last presidential election.  And many voted for Socialism as they believed the lies.

So now our general population is teetering on the edge of going for the lies of socialism to try to find security.    Just one more senator on the Socialist side of the balance and it is pretty much a done deal and over the dam we go.    The Nordic Countries tried out Socialism a couple of decades ago and have been working hard ever since to leave it behind due to the destruction that it caused in their economies.  The Bible teaches that if a man will not work, don’t feed him.  In Socialism the promise is that everyone has the right to eat,  regardless.  The Nordic countries went broke trying to make Socialism work.  But many today have not heard of the other side of that story and still hold up the Nordic countries as an example of how good socialism is.  China is rather pragmatic.   The heart beat has been changed back to Capitalism but the brains of Socialism are still in control of the CCP .  And now the CCP is GOD for the common man and the system is really NWO.  In the 7 years of the Great Tribulation the NWO takes total control of the world by the middle of the Great Tribulation and the world will find itself in total electronic economic slavery.   All transactions must go through the N.W.O. Computer.   And any excess energy will all go into making the war equipment to bring the whole world into submission to the N.W.O..  Seems like little Israel may be the last country on the block to try to bring into submission.   But they have vowed together to never experience again what happened to them in WW II  And as the N.W.O. army goes into the Middle East for this final and ultimate control, this is when Jesus returns.  

So the light is getting brighter as the darkness is getting darker.  And the Middle East with it’s mineral wealth is the focus for the N.W.O.  to have access to.  The far east has massive plans and is building the old silk road to connect to the wealth of the world to China.  This same road will be used in seeking to ultimately destroy Israel once again as in 70 AD with Titus.  Christ Jesus will return at that time in His second advent.   In the first advent Jesus came as the suffering Savior, Isa. 52, Psalms 22.   In HIS 2nd Advent HE returns as the King of Kings and at Armageddon totally destroys the armies gathered there to destroy Israel .  The world persecution of the Jews is going to become horrendous during those last 7 years of the Great Tribulation.
But this will not be like the gunfight at the OK Corral.  It will not even be a battle.  It will be a slam dunk victory with only the words out of the mouth of King Jesus.  It will be like every computer chip in all of the gadgets of the worlds armies is fried and nothing works, all at the same time.  And all of the men in the equipment are killed in the field and then in prophesy, feed the vultures.

After 6,000 years of watching us dissect and destroy HIS beautiful creation, our Creator GOD is very upset !!!!!!  But HE has waited patiently for the manifested creation (Rom.8:19) of HIS eternal family through the Blood Of The Lamb.   After Armageddon the Kingdom of Christ Jesus is set up on Mount Zion in Jerusalem for the PEACE that will be on the earth for 1,000 years.   Psalm 133:3,   Isa.2:3,  Joel 2:1,  Micah 4:2,  Zach. 8:3.   Jesus returns to destroy the armies of the world in Israel with the word of HIS mouth.   Then Adam’s curse will also be lifted and it will be like living again in Eden.  At the end of the 1,000 years our Creator God allows those souls  to also be tested.    lucifer will again be released and he goes forth and gathers another army out of the folks in the Kingdom. Rev. 20:7-10.  

After this final testing of the souls from the Kingdom,   then comes the 2nd Resurrection, Rev.20:11 and anyone whose name was not written in the “Book of Life” was removed in fiery pain into the midst or outer darkness as a living soul without a body for Eternity.   Think of what it would be like to not have your body?  There is nothing in Holy Scripture concerning God creating a new body for the souls who opt out of HIS salvation. And the body you now have,  has a built in delete button,  Gen.6:3.   This is what is says, unvarnished, you want to try to change it, it is up to you, you have a free will to do as you wish.  But the Bible contains the Holy Word of God, like it or not.

Please read Revelation,  Chapters 21 & 22,  you really don’t want to miss being there.  At the end of the 7,000 years our Creator reconstitutes our solar system atoms into HIS comfort zone as a new creation and not one trace of lucifer’s evil will ever be found again.  Then the former things will have passed away including time.  And GOD’S original vision and purpose will be realized as man will then be in GOD’S own image and likeness as a Holy obedient righteous soul but still having a free will.  But also totally loyal and completely sealed into Christ Jesus as the WORD OF GOD,  KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS to the Glory of the Father. The Kingdom of God will be filled with the Love, Humility, Obedience and Righteousness of God.

The Revelation of Christ Jesus was written with the simple words of that time and many of the words that we use today did not even exist.  There was very little mechanical nothing electronic and very little medical so we need to read The Revelation through the eyes of a person of the 1st Century and the Holy Spirit help us make the adjustments to our time.

 Jeremiah 17:9-10   “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace & Mercy, Ken<><
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