Prophecy: ‘God Is Flipping the Script and Storm Breakers Are Rising’

Storm breakers are coming as deliverers for those mired in demonic dysfunction. (EliasSch/

I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Many have never seen to the other side of the storm. Many have never broken through to the other side of the battle.”

It’s become a lifestyle of tiny victories but no ultimate breakthrough, but this is changing. Something is building. Can you feel it? It’s an underlying rumbling in the spirit. It’s the momentum rising of a people battered and bruised and bullied into the corner for far too long. Now, time is up! We won’t have it anymore. We are rising.

Because it’s taken our peace. It’s taken our mental state. It’s taken our marriages. It’s taken our children. It’s taken our health. It’s taken our destinies; it’s taken our cities and nations, but it’s not over. There has been a shift in the heavens! There is a rising of a people who are declaring Isaiah 42:22 (ESV): “But this is a people plundered and looted; they are all of them trapped in holes and hidden in prisons; they have become plunder with none to rescue, spoil with none to say, ‘Restore!'”

A Time to Cry Out to Restore

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Will you cry out “restore” even right now for your family? For your children? For the injustices of the earth? For your city and nation? Lift your voice, mighty ones! This is the hour of turning back! The alignment and restoration of nations and families. The turning of a people whose hearts are far from God coming back to Him and the restoration of power to a people who have believed they are powerless.

Jesus didn’t die for nothing. I’ll say that again. He didn’t die for nothing. God didn’t bankrupt heaven for you to still be in bondage. No! What an injustice and what a lie we have believed. We have subtly been influenced by religion, weak and powerless religion, that requires no faith, no use of authority and sees no fruit from the cross. But the script is changing. The bride is rising.

We need a fresh commissioning of Holy Ghost power and authority to sweep the earth. We need a fresh baptism of fire! Right now there is a coronation happening because people need to know what is in their hands! You aren’t small and weak, empty handed, powerless and defeated! No, you are the mighty! The powerful! You have been given scepters of authority and rods to rule nations.

Get ready, people of God, because heaven is flipping the script. Your current power struggle between God’s intentions for your life and the enemy’s plans have to be overturned. God is flipping the script. Your past story full of rejection, abandonment, pain and trauma—God is flipping the script. They said you would never, could never, shouldn’t ever, but your future isn’t in their hands; it’s in God’s and now your true story begins.

Out from Under Control, Manipulation, Oppression, Addiction and Failure

Maybe you’ve been living always under and never above. You are always surviving and never reigning, and God is flipping the script. Maybe you have been living under the control of insecure, narcissistic people who pretend to care about where you are going, but they have been squashing you, silencing you and holding you back. It has been all you have known, but suddenly, God is going to flip the script. His jealousy for you to step into His best is burning right now. Enough is enough! The story must change! The script is changing.

When Jesus went out of his way to visit the woman at the well in Samaria, He had one thing on His mind. He saw a story of heartache woven through this woman’s life and He knew He had the power to change it in a moment. So, He asked her for a drink. Then He said something profound:

“Jesus said to her, ‘Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water that I shall give him will become in him a well of water springing up into eternal life'” (John 4:13-14, MEV).

He was saying “you have been dry and thirsty, but now it’s time to change your story and your life, and get you out of that bad situation and you’ll then become a spring of life for others!” That’s what He is saying to you today.

You Aren’t Too Late—You Aren’t Too Far

There may be people reading this who feel so far from God and feel unworthy, unqualified and unlovable, but He is speaking to you today. Your script is changing. It isn’t too late for you. You haven’t missed it and you aren’t too far from reach. Even as you hear these words the Holy Spirit is beginning to remove the veil of lies that held you in shame and condemnation. He doesn’t see you like that, so why should you?

Throw your list of failures to the ground and give Him your life afresh today. What have you got to lose? You can’t even grasp the masterpiece He wants to write through you. It all begins now. The old ends now. I can hear the sound of new pages turning and dreams coming back to life.

I prophesy that you have scribed the last page of your book of woe, and now it’s not just a new chapter that is starting, but a whole new book! In fact, we are going to see a tsunami wave of story tellers stepping up out of their place of silence to write their stories and the stories that carry a deliverance and commissioning anointing. That’s right. In one swoop, God is going to bring deliverance to captives; flip their script; then get them to write, speak and share their story. I’ll say it again—God is flipping your script even right now!

The Rising Up of Storm Breakers

I am seeing many people who have weathered storm after storm for many, many years who carry this deliverance and commissioning anointing. He calls them “storm breakers” because they have been through so many storms, many even to the brink of breaking themselves! But they survived, and now they carry this powerful anointing that is lethal against the assault and assignments of the enemy.

These storm breakers are deliverers for people who are stuck and, with a mighty shout and decree, they pull them out of the mess and demonic cycles of dysfunction. They break and sever any violation they see and restore the plans of heaven over people, families and even nations. They use the very storm that comes as a weapon to fight back against the enemy because they know how to turn back the wind and the waves and hit the enemy where it hurts. Watch out, because a people once pillaged and plundered are rising and we won’t be messed with!

Flipping the Script in Nations and Media

Watch as cities align and nations align. Chaos has and must end. The story of the nations is not in the hands of the media like they think. It is not a narrative that is written by the corrupt with an agenda. They may deal in the counterfeit, but they have no authority or say in the future and story of nations yet to written. For that is in the hands of us to take back and write. That is our place of influence and we most prophesy the future. We have to prophesy right now what we want to see. We must join heaven’s assignment and flip the script, because souls depend on it.

“The righteous must come into office!” I hear the Lord saying. The story must change in nations and, even right now, the unrest and confusion are the signs of the turnaround. The flipping of power from the worldly to the godly is already taking place. King Jesus is bringing the earth into order and readying His bride! Harvest is here. This is our time! What you have seen and experienced is changing.

A new story is now unfolding before you. Step into it, church. Step into it, mighty bride. Prophesy the flipping of the script and the turnaround in your life and for the nations because this is an hour where the wheels of change hit their highest gear.     For the original article, visit

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