PRAYER, by David Wilkerson  10/11/19   (Across my desk today.)    "They brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds   and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might   fall on some of them" (Acts 5:15).    The apostles lived and ministered in the realm of the miraculous.   Even laymen such as Stephen and Philip, who served tables, were   mighty in the Holy Spirit, working miracles and stirring entire cities.   Peter was so full of the Holy Spirit that the sick were brought into   the streets on beds and couches so that his shadow would fall on   them for healing. It was not uncommon to see cripples healed and   leaping through the temple.    Why are we not seeing such miraculous power today? God has   not changed! The apostles knew the cost of the miraculous and   eagerly paid it. We have the same promises as the apostles and   God is willing to move in such a way again. We need more of   Jesus - more of his saving power, more of the miraculous -   than any past generation.    Why did God respond miraculously to the apostles? Because they   were given to prayer! The book of Acts is the account of holy men   and women seeking the Lord´s face. From beginning to end, it tells   of how prayer moved God, whether in the upper room, in prison, or   in some secret house. They prayed without ceasing, spending   hours and days shut in with God until they received clear, detailed   guidance. And what incredible specifics God gave them!    Sadly, believers today have been taught to "take everything by faith,"   so they seldom pray. Don´t be misled. You can receive the very   same clear word from God as the apostles did if you seek his face   in prayer with intensity. There is no substitute for time spent in the   presence of the King. He is eager to show you his love, mercy,   grace and power. "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man   avails much" (James 5:16).    ~Source-    MY THOUGHTS:  Actually, I felt deeply convicted by the above thoughts.  Really feel the need to be more aggressive in spending more time in my life for making a clear contact with the Holy Spirit.  For me, it seems more like just taking time to talk with God.  In the morning to wake up with an OK, so what do we do today.  And at night to take an inventory of the day and clean up any messes.  And to have the time available as to take what every it takes.  Pray a lot in my truck in going to Kailua Kona.      Abraham it would seem had to grow like we do.  There was the time he told his wife to lie to Pharaoh that she was his sister.  Then there was the time he messed up and got an Ismael.  The there was the time that he kept LOT alive when it was probably the best time for him to graduate as the story does not end well.  But finally he got tuned in to the voice of God concerning the offering of Issac and he graduated as the pioneer of our faith.  So don't get discourage that you don't get immediate room service.  Take it as a time to better tune into God's voice through the Holy Spirit.  What faith, to prepare to yield your only son's life as a sacrifice on a mountain top and to know for sure that what you heard was really and absolutely the voice of GOD!!!!    We certainly have a lot of growing room as to praying and being totally confident that our prayers were answered and we totally knew exactly what GOD wanted of us.  A lot of Love, Truth, Faith, humility and obedience to learn here.    And seems that a prayer list should be active for those who are interested in walking this out.  Anyone interested in fielding it?    Of course,  Love, Sound Doctrine, Faith and humility are all part of the "Answers To Prayer as well.  Queen Mary once said,  "The only things I fear are GOD and the prayers of John Knox.    See you tonight if interested in this kind of stuff for the House Church at Kealia.  85-4554 Mamalahoa Hwy.   Be Blessed in your day,  Ken<><  

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