POWER                “WORTH CONSIDERING”         11/8/22

The LORD has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does. He said, “Don’t…live in dread of what frightens them. Make the LORD of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life…. He will keep you safe.”  Isaiah 8:11–14, NLT
Don’t Think Like Everyone Else     (    Received this morning from a church in Texas.)
Ken, negative news is all around us—how frightening the sickness is, how bad the economy is, what’s coming in the future. If you dwell on that, you’re going to end up afraid, worried, and panicked, thinking you’re not going to make it. It’s a negative cycle that keeps drawing in more fear, more worry, and more defeat. It weakens you and drains your strength, your energy, and your passion.   Today’s Scripture warns us to not think like everyone else. Negative thinking is contagious. When other people are afraid, worried, and negative, you have to be on the offensive and say, “No, I know my God is still on the throne. I will outlast whatever comes against me. I have strength in Christ for all things.” At the start of the day, you need to set your mind for victory. Don’t let just any thoughts play. You have to purposefully think power thoughts, victory thoughts, abundance thoughts, can-do thoughts. Keep honoring God, and He will defeat your enemies and keep you safe.
A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that no weapon formed against me shall prosper because You are the guardian of my soul. Thank You that I can set my mind for victory today and not be afraid of what frightens and worries other people. I declare that I will not think like everyone else. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Notes,
As I woke up this morning, the Holy Spirit started talking to me about the Power of God and how very difficult it was to get souls to understand how God’s Power works and why the church of today is so weak concerning knowing about or how to enjoy the Power of God.   Our vain traditions have moved us from being a very powerful representative of God’s Power to mostly, if not all, just words about Power.   So I felt the words from Texas confirmed what the Holy Spirit wanted me to write.

In Isaiah 61 the prophesy is that God would come to earth in Power,   In Luke 4:18-21 we find that Jesus  fulfilled  that prophesy concerning God’s loving Power.   In Acts 5:16 we find that same Power of God invested in HIS CHURCH to the point that every one who came to Jerusalem to Church were healed and delivered.   In fact Paul tells Timothy in 2 Tim.3:5 that if a church has no power to avoid that church and go someplace else where there is God’s Power.   Frankly here in Kona, I really don’t know where to go to find GOD” POWER among GOD’s people as I see it in the New Testament.   More like none at all or only hit or miss and even sometimes mixed with deceit to make a show that looks like God’s power.   With the pushing of folks over and the miss use of tongues without interpretation in the church, 1 Cor.14:26-33.   Yet Paul tells us clearly the speaking in prophesy with understanding is better than thousands of words in tongues.  1 Cor.14.  And that the real proof of being filled with the Holy Spirit is the use of GOD’s  POWER to make Jesus known as LORD & KING.   So it is very obvious to me as I read the Holy Scriptures that God deeply loves every soul of HIS creation and wants the very best for all of us.  But for us to be able to grow up and be like HIM, Gen 1:26, HE had to give us free will.  God is LOVE and love must have free will as otherwise we would just be robots.  And a family of robots is not what our Creator God is up to.   He is in the process of creating a real family in HIS image and likeness.  And He is enjoying the process and  HE is never in a hurry as with HIM time does not exist. So how do we get back to Luke 4:18-21 and enter into what Jesus came to do as we come to be in HIM to be able to do as He did?

1.    Are we really in HIM or are we really still in our old Adamic ego prideful selves only trying to look like HIM but really not changing anything to be like HIM.  This is incomplete REPENTANCE.  God would violate your free will to try to change you if not up for it..  You would then become only a robot but not family.  This is not what God is about.  Our Creator God is into building a family who really loves Him and wants to be righteous and with HIM.

2.    Family with our Creator God is a spiritual unity and not biological unity.  Ideally,  great to be both.  But the spiritual is the connection not the biological.   I hope all my biological family get to be born from above and find their way into the family of God. but up to each of them.

3.    There are many words that we use to share the knowledge of the Kingdom of God but do we know God’s meaning for: Love, Faith, Humility, Obedience, Unity, Honor, Repentance, Forgiveness ?  All words in the New Testament of importance but do we really know what God thoughts are by these words?  Or have we altered the meaning to mean what we are comfortable in what we mean by them?  Do we really love our neighbor as ourselves with Agape Love.   The kind of love that Jesus had for the guys driving nails in HIS feet.   Do we really have heart faith so as to begin to learn to move mountains?  Where the mountains really begin to be moved and we are not walking is presumption or empty head words.

4.    Or Humility, do we really have the humility to read John 17:20-26 and become part of the cure and not part of the problem of disunity?  My last paper was on Unity, take a look if really up for it.   This is a major factor concerning the lack of power in HIS church.  Humility is experiencing a desire to want to find God’s Truth above all else and to walk it out.  Humility is not self serving, but GOD serving.  It wants to find God’s Truth more that protecting it’s self serving,  prideful ego or self righteousness.  Humility is learning to be selfless like Jesus as he shared the Kingdom of God with the woman at the well,  John 4:6.

There is so much available on this subject in the New Testament as Jesus came and received the Power to change us and anyone who is interested.  Rev. 22:17.   Of course God already knows those who will respond to HIS Love in Christ Jesus, but we don’t.  So in time it is still up to us as to living with God in Light or living with ourselves in Darkness.  Jesus gave the Church the Power that was given to HIM, John 17:22, Matt. 28:18-20.  So we need to find and restore that GOD Power so that the world can see and honor Christ Jesus as high and lifted up and draw all of God’s Elect to HIM.   If your soul lives out eternity in total darkness, it will be because you made that choice to be there.  The Creator God will only be giving new eternal bodies to those who  want to really live with HIM in loving peace, joy and power and are willing to repent or change, to be able to fit in.   He is not going to allow pride and rebellion on earth to mess up HIS universe for eternity like it has this planet in time.   God gave Adam authority to rule,  we have the story of what happened.

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace & Mercy, Ken<><   www.OhanaChurch.Life

There is but ONE Church of Christ Jesus as LORD/KING,
all who Love, Honor & Obey HIM are Eternal Members.

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