Aloha Saint, Family & Friends, Beloved of Jesus and me,   John 3:16    12/20/20

Merry Christmas !!!!!
(May be the last time we can say this without a stink eye.. or being illegal.)

I hope, in spite of the CCP  plague, you will have a wonderful Christmas time with Family and Friends.   And remember,    Jesus is the reason for the season. 

Jesus gave a prophesy recorded in Matt.24, Mark 13 & Luke 21 that a time would come when the birth pains for the translation of HIS Church would begin.  I am not a prophet but seems to me we may be headed that way.  And as America goes, so goes the world.  That the U.S.A. is the major clog that keeps the atheist Socialist New World Order at bay.   Our last election in November was a vote for or against this NWO.  It was not about Trump or Biden.  It was about the future direction of this Country as a Christian Constitutional Republic and the consensus of the voters now seem to be about 50/50 except that one side is totally unethical with the way in which the voting was handled and counted.

So unfortunately 2020 may be the last year we can say this without deadly objections from the Unethical.  You see the Democratic Party has been so interested in gaining power that they have made friends with the unethical and have even allowed the Unethical to gain control of their party.   And this election is to whether this nation will continue as a Christian Constitutional Republic with freedom for all, OR NOT!!!  Personally,   I do not believe the vote counting was ethical.  I truly believe with an ethical vote that Trump could still win.

But if we continue on the present course and allow this sham of an election to direct our national course you may say goodbye to many of the freedoms that you take for granite today.  We appear to be headed into the same ditch as Venezuela.  Check their history, this is what is ahead of us if we continue in this direction.


As for elections, there will never be another election of the people, by the people and for the people.   Venezuela use the same voting system which can be manipulated.

As for being a Christian in the new direction expect persecution and the Bible to be  classified as a book of hate and outlawed.

As to your retirement, the future is unknown.  The printing of bogus money will make what you have saved dissolved into only paper used best burned to keep you warm in the winter.

As to freedom of speech, gone.   It is nearly gone in our schools and universities already.

As to freedom to bear arms, gone, illegal, confiscated

As to taxes a 40 -70% increase

As to our schools,   total control by atheistic immoral socialism which is almost there already.

As to our churches, controlled or closed

As to medical, like China, difficult, long lines and poor quality.

As to the poor, everyone from where ever, invited to come to the U.S. for food,  housing, medical and education if needed without cost of any kind.  

Hawaii might even be returned to being a Kingdom for the ruling rich and famous Socialists to come for a warm and extended vacations.  Obama has a million dollar + property in Oahu.

And if you would like to find out more you might consider:

I expect many who disagree with me to write in to be removed from the mailing, And that is certainly your right and we will certainly do as requested. 

But at the same time we are going to be adding a Prayer List for those who wish  to share in praying for our nation and each other and ask our Heavenly Father to help us live in HIS peace, love and the power of the Holy Spirit regardless.   So if you would like to share in a prayer list let me know,

As for us here in Kealea, we are still trying to find the mind of the LORD as to Christmas and family time and the uninvited CCP Virus.  I do believe in true heart faith, love and a Holy Unity we do have the victory over the virus.   But much of the so called church is in presumption and that does not work at all.   But we do need to be in prayer that this cloud of darkness that is over us now,  God will allow to pass and not allow it to land on us.   But we do not have much time left to gain this victory, less than 30 days.  So enjoy your Christmas but please get everyone to pray that none of the above comes to pass.

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy,  Ken<><

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