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Letter this morning from Eddie Ayon:
One of the biggest holes in evangelist’s basket is that he looked not the Lord’s command found in Matt. 28:20, the first part, with the conviction of the Spirit, as an evangelist, to have that precedent fire into his heart. Not into a lot of different ‘versions’ of the scripture but I like the way it’s put in the “Life Application Bible’, N.L.T. “Teach these [new] disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.” This is one of the great faults of the Body. Therefore, a lot of hair brained Christian’s and Christianity of no effect. If we should think revival, think on this. Lovingly, Eddie  Ayon, Evangelist.

My Reply:   You are so right Eddie.  By the Church at Large, omitting, some of the Elder’s offices, Eph.4:11-16 we have not been able to see Jesus in all of HIS Glory in HIS Church today?

So let us share a little concerning the “Ideal Church of Christ Jesus” that the Holy Spirit wants to build, when HE has our permission to do so. 

Seems the 5 fold ministry was working in the Early Church,  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Pastor / Teachers were noted in the Book of Acts and the Letters.   And it is easy to see that with a Good CEO, Quality Control, Sales, Mfg., & Parts any Corporation could be very successful.  But it would not work if any one was on a power trip to get rid of the other offices,  they are all very different and  each one very important.  As for the Old Testament system if was Totally Trashed by God.    So with the New Testament there is a totally new wine skin regardless of how we feel about it.   Seems that the Holy Spirit had more freedom with the Early Church as the vain traditions were not so embedded.  And the Holy Spirit will need to bring the Church of Eph.4:11-16 alive.   And, for me, I want to be part of the cure and not a part of the problem.  Our LORD JESUS warned us seriously about Vain Traditions making the Word of God ineffective.  And we see this everywhere that we look. Most churches are totally powerless and we have gotten use to that fact as being normal.   But I have faith that what the Holy Spirit created in the Early Church in the beginning is still possible and probability for now and with even more power than they enjoyed in Acts 5:16.  I might not be yet able to do any of that but I want to and can be growing in faith to learn how to do it.  Even the translation of the Church into Heaven could easily be based on our own faith in what we believe.   Often Jesus taught,  “Be it unto you according to your faith.”  Heb.11,  Faith is the Substance and the Evidence of things hoped for and not seen.   Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God….  I am sure we don’t have all that was written but we certainly have enough to enjoy becoming full of faith.

My concern is the Church of Christ Jesus was never set up as a dictatorship nor a majority vote.  It clearly was set up for the rule of Elders as men of God who would listen to each other in finding the will of God in the Holy Spirit with the Holy Scriptures.  That they would do noting unless all agreed and it was guided by the Holy Spirit.  Acts 15  “It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us.”   So if we can find Elders walking in humility in working together for the Kingdom and looking for the Holy Spirit that just might work.   But if we want to remain as a dictator or pope or abbot over our own little kingdom, it will just be another division and it will not work for seeing or experiencing the Kingdom of God on Earth.  We need to come into a loving unity in faith and in the Holy Spirit to see HIS power released.  I know that in unity that even 2 is 5 times stronger.  If we were to become of one mind and one spirit we could enjoy the Kingdom of God in Truth..  And we should all be open to changing as well if the scriptures are provided to help us do so in good faith.  But it will draw deeply into our love for each other and our patience and humility I am sure.   So would that be good or bad for us?   In scripture I find a bottom up authority based on Love and Faith.   Not a top down authority based on fear and submission.  Freewill is never violated by God.   The Early Church Elders submitted to one another in love as they could experience the Holy Spirit moving in a direction.  Therefore they could maintain the unity of the faith in the bond of peace.  Ideal I know,  but it is a God Ideal and can become a fact through HIM.  I would like to know if anyone is interested in this possibility.  There is what we have today that is full of traditional nonsense.  And there is the Kingdom of God that is shared by our Lord Jesus Christ and HIS Apostles Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers as per Eph.4:11-16 for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, till we all see Jesus.

So what I see is unless the many parts come together in the Power of God to be like Jesus the world is not going to change course and sit up and be moved to change.  They are wet and cold and lost.  If we build a HOT FIRE in the HOLY Spirit, they will come to get warm, dry, found and changed into the image of Christ Jesus as per the original vision and plan of our Creator…..

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace & Mercy, Ken<><
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There is but ONE Church of Christ Jesus, all who Love, Honor & Obey HIM are members.

Worthy Brief <;    Authorities in China’s Wenzhou City are forcing all school teachers, including Christians, to sign a document forbidding them to profess their faith or any other religious beliefs, rights activists and other sources confirmed.     The idea that the U.S. military would oversee a new nationwide presidential election — ordered under martial law by President Donald Trump — is “insane in a year that we didn’t think could get anymore insane,” a defense official tells Military Times.    The Northeast’s first whopper snowstorm of the season buried parts of upstate New York under more than 3 feet (1 meter) of snow, broke records in cities and towns across the region, and left plow drivers struggling to clear the roads as snow piled up at more than 4 inches (10 centimeters) per hour.    Social and religious conservatives are the GOP’s secret weapon in the high-stakes Senate runoff races in this Bible Belt state.    After three recounts, Georgia certified the 2020 presidential election. But on Thursday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a statewide move to match signatures to their absentee ballots in all 159 counties in the state.     US officials suspect a massive hacking operation that hit numerous government agencies and has been linked to Russia breached networks tied to the country’s nuclear weapons stockpile, Politico reported Thursday.Republican legislators demand an urgent probe into “election fraud” after high ranking U.S. officials reported irregularities and even foreign meddling in the presidential election.    Jerusalem must remain a united city, but there will be a place for a Palestinian capital within its boundaries, Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in a rare interview published on Thursday with the London-based Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat.    A leaked database of nearly 2 million Communist Party members has revealed the lengths to which China’s leaders have gone to place operatives in strategic positions in government and business around the world.

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