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The other evening as going to bed I was talking to the LORD or HOLY SPIRIT about love.  He was sharing with me that GOD’S kind of LOVE “does no harm.”  Obviously there is a lot of pain, suffering and harm in our world today.  So we are not all on the same page about all this.  Of course there is also the law of sowing & reaping.  We often ten to blame GOD for what we brought on to ourselves.

Seems the problem is our ability to rationalize and to presume that we do no harm, when actually,  we do.   We are taught to train up a child in the way they shall go and when they get to be an adult that will be their life style.   So obviously our system of training children in becoming adults is not working.  Especially with porn and atheism in our school systems today.  My parents never ever taught me anything about becoming an adult.  It was bad and good, obedience/disobedience,   blessings or punishment and rather soft on the punishment.  Like one time when about 6 years old I embarrassed  my mother and she whipped me with willow switches on my bare legs all the way home for 3 blocks.  And she was wrong in what she did.  The problem is that we don’t realize it but it is by example that we do most of the training.  “Monkey see, monkey do.”   And most of our love is very selfish, it is really about us.   Jesus taught us as Christians to love our enemies and to do good to them who use us badly.  Jesus taught us to go find the one out of one hundred that is lost.  We sit in our own little  comfort  zones and become our own lord and do what we want to and then tell the world that we are Christian.   By what example do we find this in Holy Scripture ?  By and large the church, so called, has opted to change GOD’s Truth into being self serving.   “If GOD wants them, HE can save them, HE does not need me.”   “The Bible teaches in Hebrews that I don’t need or have any other authority over me but the Holy Spirit.”   But then many break the 4th commandment in saying GOD said it when HE did not.  We have holding pens called churches that tell souls that GOD want’s them rich and to be successful and forget about Job and what he went through due to his bad doctrine of fear being allowed in his family.  We tend to make our truth to be God’s Truth and it will not stand in the judgment.

I came away from my conversation with the Holy Spirit feeling a lot different about what it means to “Do No Harm” in seeing it from an eternal perspective of GOD and not a subjective space of me being in charge full  of rationalization and manipulation.   And knowing the example that I am to set in the world as an example being a Christian or a  (willing slave of Christ Jesus.)  It gave me a deep feeling of responsibility of really putting on the mind of Christ and clothing myself with what he likes and does not like.  And yet it was not an intrusion into my rights but a deliverance from my rights so I could enter into the joy of my LORD.   So what in my life helps others to become like Jesus is of the Holy Spirit.   And what in my life as being self protective,  unproductive and ego centered is not.    What is all about Jesus as to what is opposed as about me.  Our Creator God has invited us to decide to live with Him in Righteousness in a Kingdom with a King.  This is the best form of government if with a good king and it is totally top down.  So we are either in a school learning to become obedient for HIS Kingdom, or we are children of this world learning to protect our own little kingdom turf.  In Rev. 22:14-17 we see the final graduation.  “Blessed are they that “DO” His Commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.”  Most so called Christians, have no idea WHAT ARE  of the true commandments of Jesus and much less, learning to be obedient..

Yours, in HIS great Love & Wonderful Grace & Mercy, Ken <><
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6:00PM EDT 5/5/2021 Stephen Strang   (Facebook/Chris Reed)     As the social and spiritual climate in our nation gets worse and worse, talk of an end-times revival, even a third Great Awakening, is on the rise. Many young leaders are now declaring the approach of a coming revival, among them a 36-year-old Indiana pastor named Chris Reed, who had a supernatural encounter with an angel whose words agree with this prophetic perspective.      Reed’s encounter took place in what he calls “the libraries of heaven” with an angel he says was named “The Fear of the Lord.” In this encounter, Reed felt a holy reverence and awe as he was drawn to a bookcase labeled “The Supernatural” and to a specific book there titled “The Seven Spirits of God.”     On the front cover were the words “The Spirit of the Lord.” Each page, he told me, was thick and white, like a book within itself. The first page was titled “The Spirit of Wisdom”; the next “The Spirit of Living Understanding or Revelation”; the third, “The Spirit of Counsel”; the fourth, “The Spirit of Might” and the sixth, “The Spirit of Knowledge.” These correspond to the description of the seven Spirits of God listed in Isaiah 11:2.     Reed turned the book over, and the back cover read, “The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.” He glanced up and then down to see that the back cover had been torn off, and all the pages in the book fell out. He was left holding the front cover, which also read, “The Spirit of the Lord.”     The angel with him in this library said, “Do you understand what you’re seeing? What you are seeing is the result of when the fear of the Lord is missing in the church. You lose the spirit of counsel and might. You lose the spirit of wisdom in everyday situations, knowing how to apply knowledge and wisdom. You lose the spirit of revelation, so people operate out of intellect and head knowledge.”     Finally, he said, “When you lose the fear of the Lord, all you’re left with is an atmosphere.” Reed instantly thought of the many church services he had been in where he didn’t see the spirit of might in the form of miracles or the spirit of knowledge in words of knowledge or revelation, but people still said, “We feel the Spirit of the Lord. We feel the presence of the Lord.”     “There’s got to be more than just an atmosphere and a feeling that the Spirit brings,” Reed says. “We’ve got to have the full, complete Spirit of God at work, or all we’re left with is an atmosphere.”     The full work of the Spirit comes when the fear of the Lord is present, he says. That means a reverential awe and a hatred of all kinds of sin, according to Proverbs 8:13, which says, “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate.”     “Holiness, godliness, returns to the church when there is a sovereign outpouring of the spirit of the fear of the Lord,” Reed says. But it doesn’t end there. Reed drew my attention to Acts 5:11, where Ananias and Sapphira lied about their giving and died. The result was that “great fear came on the entire church and all who heard these things.” This immediately led to the return of signs and wonders at an unprecedented level, a supernatural unity, a heightened respect of the church by the world, exponential growth and harvest of souls, angelic activity and the healing of the sick in unprecedented ways. All these results are found in Acts 5, after the fear of the Lord returned to the early church.     “So much is tied to a restoration of the fear of the Lord,” Reed told me. “There is a complete, sevenfold, perfected element of the Spirit of God at work in the church again. That’s what we want.”

Testimony “Worth Considering”

There is but ONE Church of Christ Jesus, all who Trust, Love & Obey are eternal members.

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