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LIFE, ETERNAL,      “WORTH CONSIDERING”   7/6/20      From Ken<><

Today’s Scripture                 (Across my desk this morning from Texas.)
“…David was greatly distressed…But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God…”
(1 Samuel 30:6, ESV)

Strengthen Yourself
Thirteen years after David was anointed to be the next king of Israel, he was still living as a fugitive from King Saul. Then one day, he and his six hundred men came home and found their city had been burned, their possessions taken, and their families taken captive. It was the worst defeat of David’s life. He and his men wept until they could not weep anymore. He was tempted to think, God, I’ve been faithful year after year. This is the final straw.  But David made a decision: “I am not allowing this discouragement to stay. I am strong in the Lord. I am His anointed.” You can talk yourself into defeat or into victory. When you speak the right way, strength comes, courage comes, vision comes, healing comes. Turn the discouragement around and say, “Yes, this is tough, but I am strong in the Lord. No weapon formed against me will prosper.” Strengthen yourself in the Lord.

A Prayer for Today
Father, thank You that the power of Your life in me is greater than the greatest force that can ever come against me. Thank You that I can put discouragement behind me and stir up my faith. I believe that no weapon that is formed against me will prosper. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Ken’s Comments:

We all have days that are good and productive.  And we have days where bed would have been a better option.    Sometime it is hormones, sometimes we did something stupid and regret it.  Sometime it just is what it is.  Sometimes a demonic attack that we did not see coming.  But most of the time when we have a bad day it is due to we have listened to the lie of the enemy as did Adam and Eve at the tree of Knowledge.   The fist temptation if the lust’s of the flesh.  The fruit looked really good to eat.  Next they were told tolled it would make them  wise, now that sounded like a good thing….  And next was the lie that they would be like God,  knowing good and evil.  So from a selfish perspective no lies were told.  The fruit was good to eat, made them wise and they then knew the difference between good and evil.   But the lie under it all was hidden as they did die spiritually.  And the world given to Adam then became the world of lucifer.  So they did
find out about good and evil even to the place of seeing one of their son’s murder the other one.  And they became wise in sorrow and it was true that they were given as promised but they were not giving all the facts in context to evaluate the facts properly.  So all the kids of the human race caught the same virus for the past 6,000 years and most of us have come to feel that what we have known is the normal way of life when it is really the end of life and the way of eternal death..  

But our Creator was not content to allow us to go that way of death without also giving us an option for life.  So for the past 6,000. years very quietly and effectively HE has been creating another road through the folks who reach out to HIM and wrote down what HE said as HIS TRUTH.  God even told Eve she would have a son that would make things right.  Moses wrote about it and so did many who were sensitive to GOD.  And some have gathered those writings into a book called the Holy Bible.  So now we have the choice of staying on the road to death or finding the detour mape (the Bible) and taking the detour to LIFE.  Of course it is not going to be easy to stop walking the road with all your friends that love the death road. If you check out the LIFE detour,   your friends will quickly tell you is a stupid way to go and much too rocky and hilly for them.  But bottom line,  you are going to need to decide for yourself as it is your eternal life or your eternal death is involved.  It will be a now if you have time to make the choice.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace and Mercy,    Ken<><

Worthy Brief <;
Jonah 1:14, 16 Therefore they cried out to the Lord and said, “We pray, O Lord, please do not let us perish for this man’s life, and do not charge us with innocent blood; for You, O Lord, have done as it pleased You.”  Then the men feared the Lord exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice to the Lord and took vows.   While most read the story of Jonah focusing on Jonah’s journey, I want to pause and examine the lives of the pagan sailors. What a journey they were on! We see the hand of God touching them providentially through Jonah’s disobedience. Talk about God bringing good from evil. Here He draws them into a desperate sea voyage and almost incidentally reveals to them the impotence of their gods, who have no power whatsoever to stop the deadly storm. In their total helplessness the God of Heaven then introduces Himself through his runaway prophet. And suddenly, the sailors are crying out to YHVH.  They are not crying out to their gods any longer – but now are crying to the true God of Israel.  And God performs a miracle for them, when Jonah is tossed into the sea, the storm suddenly calmed… and the amazing miracle evokes what sounds like prophesying, as they offer sacrifices and vows in worship to YHVH. “For You, O Lord, have done as you pleased!” The whole crew is converted. So, while Jonah is fish food – there’s a revival happening on board.   And now these wonder struck sailors have quite a fish story to tell in all their subsequent travels concerning the wayward prophet who disappeared beneath the waves as his God stilled the perfect storm. And the Lord has a boat full of newborn missionaries heading to Tarshish…

World in Brief:  Iran is under intense pressure after four serious explosions that appear to have damaged key infrastructure linked to its missile and nuclear program, as well as other facilities.
Iran has warned Israel and other “foes” against “hostile actions” after an explosion and fire damaged the Natanz nuclear complex.    The U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June as it struggles to recover from the business closures forced by the coronavirus pandemic, the government reported Thursday, even as it said another 1.4 million laid-off workers filed for unemployment benefits last week.   Activists are planning major protests and demonstrations in Washington DC over Independence Day weekend, the Washington Examiner reports. Summing up the reason for the protests, one activist told the Examiner: “What is Independence Day to black folks? What was Independence Day to honestly anyone but the white economic elite on [July 4, 1776]? Poor folks and women couldn’t even vote. It’s a hoax.”  (Ken<>< “It gave us the rights of free speech, worship and assemble and the ability to protect ourselves from tyranny among other things.  Socialists use social ruptures for their own agenda to bring a nation into the slavery of the few. The antichrist New World Order is very active today.)
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