Definition of father,  from Webster Dictionary…


1a a man who has begotten a child; also sire 3


b capitalized


(1) god 1 
(2) the first person of the Trinity (see trinity 1)



A little of my father’s story:
As I understand it, my Father  (Norman Kenneth Smith Sr.) had it pretty rough growing up,  his mother died when he was about 5.  His dad married his mother’s sister.  And I don’t think he had a good relationship with his two older brothers and then also his 1/2 brothers and sisters of the second family.  One 1/2 sister of his is only 4 months older than I am,  Aunt Janice.

And when I came along in the middle of the Great Depression in 1932 it was hard scrabble living.  I was born on my Great Grand-Father’s Farm in the back hill’s of Kentucky.  “Bingim Hill” I think it is called.  It was the year that all of the banks closed and FDR made gold illegal for anyone to have and went out and collected all he could find.  I remember seeing the soup/bread lines in town.  But on the farm, where we all lived, we lived good and totally off grid.   Actually my dad was a very hard worker and provider for his whole life but died really young at 53.  I can remember only one conversation with my dad in my whole life and that was just a few weeks before he died.

Paul Gibbons was my Dad’s close friend and boss as the story goes.  One day Dad was over at Paul’s home when Paul’s mother had a sudden stroke and died in the bathroom.  One moment she was fine, next moment she was dead.  So that shook him up and a few week later Dad gave his heart to Christ Jesus as LORD and became a Christian during the evening prayer time at Paul’s house.  Then a few week after that he came for a visit to see me and my 4 kids living in Buena Park, Ca.  We had a great time together and as he was leaving we had our only ever real conversation through his car window as he was headed out.  We must have talked for 45 minutes through his car’s drivers side window.  Don’t remember what was said but remember the good feeling of being in one mind and one spirit with my father for the very fist time in my life.  He did not tell me about becoming a Christian as he was still rather private, stoic and internal.  Then one night, soon after, he graduated into the Kingdom while in his bed at age 53.  I was called by Paul and cried all the way from Buena Park to Inglewood thinking Dad had landed in darkness for eternity.  But at Inglewood I was met by Paul and told the good news that He had made it into the Kingdom.  So I have had that wonderful feeling that some day I will be able to sit and talk to my Father and make up for all of the Father’s days that we missed.  And it will be a special time as I am his,  only son.  Of course,  the 150 Hollywood friends who came to his  funeral went home with the Word of God.  Paul’s pastor preached to them for an hour and a half.

And of course our Heavenly Father is waiting, with much love and patience,  for all of HIS Elect Children to complete their homework,  complete their testing, make their eternal connection and graduate to join HIM in the new heaven and earth for eternity.  Hope you all choose wisely and will be there.   Yours, in HIS great love,  Ken<><   www.Trinity-Aloha.org



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