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FAITH IN UNITY,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”    12/3/19,  (Across my desk this morning.)

Today’s Scripture
“No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God…”   (Romans 4:20, ESV)
Growing Strong In Faith

In the Scripture, Abraham’s circumstances were beyond his control. God promised him that he would have a son, but both he and Sarah were way too old to have a child. What did he do while he was waiting? “He grew strong in faith by giving praise to God.” He got up every morning and said, “Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You that my baby is on its way. Thank You that You are faithful to Your Word.” He kept thanking God for what he heard in his spirit, and eventually, the promise came to pass.”

As with Abraham, God has put dreams in your heart. He has spoken promises over you. Deep down you believe it will happen, but in the natural, it looks impossible. The odds are against you. It’s been so long. No, God is saying, “What I started in your life I will finish.” The key is to follow Abraham’s example and praise God while you wait. That’s one way to grow in faith. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep expecting. Grow strong in faith and see His promises fulfilled in every area of your life!”

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for refining me and growing my faith. I choose to stand strong in the midst of difficulty. I choose to bless You no matter what my circumstances are. I trust that You are leading and guiding me in paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake in Jesus’ name. Amen”

My Thoughts:
Abraham, is considered the father or the beginning of “Real Faith” from God.    Real Faith is of the heart and not just of the head.  I can say with my mouth that the rain is coming but unless I pick up the umbrella, it is just words.  Real Faith always has Action,  James writes a lot about the difference.  And even with Abraham there was the detours to even try to help God out.  This resulted in Ishmael who in turn had 12 sons and became the Arabian people now trying to destroy Israel.  the story is worth considering deeply.  But by and By  Isaac came to pass and had Jacob who the 12 sons who became Israel.  And to this day still under persecution.  But the lesson is that Real Faith is actually the substance and evidence of the things hoped for and not yet seen.  Hebrews 11… Read It, NOW! if you want to grow in Real Faith.   Real Faith and Action always go together.  Some times our faith is built by keeping something in our prayers until we reach the point of real faith.  Even Jesus prayed for a healing twice.  But due to HIS faith level, most of what HE prayed for had instant results.   However, HIS prayer for our UNITY,  John 17 has yet to happen.   I know that the Church of the Rapture will be in that Holy Unity at that time and walking in the Glory (Power) given her in John 17:22 as a result of the Unity yet to come.  

Faith comes also by seeing faith in action.  Gatherings (churches) that come together without the real supernatural evidence of the Holy Spirit will just as easily split.  For me now, it is only when the Holy Spirit comes into the church service that I wake up.  Otherwise I am mostly asleep with my eyes open.  But when the Holy Spirit moves,  I really love being there and enjoy the LORD’S presence very much. and get to change accordingly.  The Holy Spirit shares Jesus with us in power.  Paul wrote, “No power, go somewhere else.”  1 Tim. 3….

This Friday 12/6 our housechurch will be starting a study through THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST,  Also known as The Revelation.  I have textbooks available if interested.   Yours in HIS great love and mercy,   Ken<><

Christian News    (We will come into unity by choice or persecution.)
Member of persecuted Chinese church receives prison sentence
An elder from the church of persecuted Chinese pastor Wang Yi was sentenced to four years in prison this week for possessing the church library, as the Chinese government continues to bear down on members of Early Rain Covenant Church.
Christians in Sri Lanka fear election of new Buddhist leader could mean more persecution
Christians in Sri Lanka are expecting persecution to intensify under a new Buddhist leader whose brother once gave the green light for monks to harass churches.
Why Holy Land Christians are leaving Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus
‘At Christmas, there’s no more significant spot than this place,’ said Fox News host Pete Hegseth, standing at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. ‘Today, this site… is controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The number of Christians here is dwindling.’

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