AUTHORITY    4/`4/19     by Ken Smith    “WORTH CONSIDERING”

From the creation of man with a free will,   AUTHORITY  has been a basic issue.  We tend to be a rebellious bunch and no one likes authority.  We find ourselves in an earth school to learn obedience but few of us will graduate into God’s eternity because we cheated and obstructed and did not learn.

The big question?  How to create in your image, (LOVE) that has free will that will not abuse the freedom and become destructive like lucifer, Adam, Nimrod,  Ahab,  Judas and many others?

So in the WISDOM of God HE placed this creation into a  capsule of time in a different dimension in order to set up a school to learn how to use free will in a positive way.   This would prevent man from being destructive to the Universe.  Which also means:  devastating, ruinous, disastrous, catastrophic, calamitous, cataclysmic; pernicious, noxious, environmentally unfriendly, harmful, damaging, injurious, hurtful, wounding, violent, detrimental, deleterious, disadvantageous, ravaging, crippling, savage, fierce, brutal, dangerous, fatal, deadly, lethal, death-dealing.  My daily WHT (West Hawaii Today) sells it’s papers recording such events every day.  

Of course in God’s Foreknowledge He already know what would happen and what it would take to fix the pride and rebellion issues.  And also that most of the creation would end up rejecting His solution due to pride and rebellion and would need to be boxed and restricted as He also made the human soul to be Eternal.

So He established boundaries and a time line for His creation to be completed.  And it would seem that our solar system is the boundary and 7,000. years is the time line.  The reason I think this way is that Peter treats a God day as a 1,000 years and the last 1,000 years is spelled out as a Sabbath Rest or like a Sunday.   And in the Revelation Jesus tells John that God in the Eternal Kingdom would destroy the heavens and earth with no more sun or sea and recreated it as His dwelling place.  And He has invited those who have submitted to being reformed into His Image to become His family as Kings, Priests and Ambassadors.  Of course those who embrace this calling will have become truly humble and obedient by Love, Faith and Choice (free will).  There will be no need for a heavenly police force or place of incarceration.  The former things we are told will have all passed away.

So the Bible tells us for lack of a vision the people perish.  So for me, the above vision is what I have gleaned from the words of the Prophets of God for over 1500 years and in 66 different writings.  And most of all, for me, it is totally logical and consistent in all 66 writings.

So if you like having the feeling that your are the master of your own destiny.  And are determined to be your own boss; you could stop at this point.   As the rest of what I will be writing about is how to embrace humility, and to find those who have light and become obedient To our Creator in humility.

So first, where do we start if we want to be formed into the Image of God and live with Him for Eternity.  We have to find out where we are before we can get the map to where we want to go.  The Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God..  So that is the starting place.   Not what people say that the Prophets teach but what exactly did they teach when under the power of the Holy Spirit.  And you can prove anything by scripture if it is taken out of context and relationship with other scriptures on the same subject.  Isaiah 28.

So what are the ground rules?

1.    God never changes His mind or changes direction.  With total Foreknowledge He does not need to.

2.    Truth with GOD is the same from beginning to end.  Genesis starts with a lamb and the Rev. ends with the LAMB.   Our understanding can change but the eternal principle never changes.

3.    God will never want you to submit to someone who who can influence your life away from HIM and HIS Truth.  So you are personally responsible for checking thing out from the Holy Scriptures yourself which are able to make you wise unto salvation.

4.    When you are on track, the fruit will be of the Holy Spirit and the final product will look, smell and taste like Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus is God’s perfect example of what God would like to do with you and me through repentance, forgiveness,  love, humility and obedience.   The Creator wants to fill us with Love, Holiness and Power but first we must become faithfully obedient.

5.    The process of Sanctification is to destroy the works of darkness, pride and rebellion that we were born into through Adam’s disobedience.  It is the process of setting us free from the Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes and the Pride of Life..  The Word of God states that in Adam, all died, but in Christ Jesus shall all be made alive.  So a faith relationship with God’s dimension of eternity starts with a relationship with Christ Jesus here in time.

6.    It is like the story that Jesus tells of the pearl of great price, to sell all you have to buy.   It is like the hidden treasure in the field, to sell all you have an buy the field.  It is like the 5 foolish virgins that missed out as they had money left in the pocket but not enough oil for their lamps and and were rejected.   It is like the guy invited to the wedding and not coming in the garment offered but in his own clothes and was tossed into outer darkness.   I you don’t fully see the vision for what the Heavenly Father want to do with you in eternity, it will be difficult to trade this temporary life of toys in for the eternal life that has the real stuff.  

7.    Being a Biblical New Testament Christian means to have a total change of life style.  The Bible teaches that if you love the world you are an enemy of GOD.  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is of the world but he that does the will of GOD lives forever.  The so called church today is very indulgent in their teachings.  Some call it sloppy agape and greasy grace.  It is a product of the voice of the people but it is not from the Word of God.  When Christ Jesus comes to take HIS CHURCH home she will be a powerful match for HIM in Love, Holiness and Power.  She will bring HIS GLORY to the UNION in being joined to HIM for eternity in a new heaven and a new earth that stands tall in righteousness.

This is a beginning effort concerning a study on Authority and I am open to suggestions and/or questions.  There are so very many who think of themselves as being OK due to a selective,  do good,  self judgment but have neglected to verify every thing that they believe by the Word of God. 

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><

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