Aloha Family & Friends,  Beloved of me and GOD

My good brother in Christ Jesus,  Bruce Card,  sent a film along to be reviewed,  “The Chosen”
A good choice for that time alone with Family.

Beautiful day here in Kealia,  So. Captain Cook, Hawaii…. Near the Captain Cook Monument.
About 75 degrees now about noon with humidity at 65% and very high UV
Weeds and fruit and veges growing like crazy,   Need some help,  have 2 extra bed rooms and a bathroom to finish in the shop.  With the Virus, I know it would be very difficult except if you were in Hawaii already as they are close to opening travel between islands if you have a CCPVirus test negative.

Been thinking much about authority today and as I consider the Word of God it seems to me that:

All authority in God comes out of LOVE, no exception,  as GOD is LOVE. (John)  So any Godly Authority has to be without pride,  fear or manipulation in order to be of God.  God’s ideal is to bring us to the place where we love, trust and in humility want HIS authority because of who HE is.   And so HE has set up the circumstances to help us grow up into being like HIM because we decide to want to.  Jesus taught us this and how to do the same thing with others in love.   But the traditional church has been corrupted into trying to use organization and fear and pride to promote the Gospel.  I even got caught up in top down pride/fear authority in the past and have had to repent.

Seems to me that the reason behind all this is that He is that He wants eventually to help make us into HIS IMAGE & LIKENESS.   And as God has freewill so to wants to create a family with freewill and not some robots.   But learning how to use our freewill can take time and do a lot of damage.  Look at the world around us.   And God does not want to waste HIS energy herding us so HE helps us come to the place of humility and obedience out of Love.  And having freewill we must also agree to the change. Otherwise the universe would look like our present world in eternity.   We now have enough H bombs to totally destroy the whole world and yet are building more.   We would be out their creating our own little Ivory Towers and Denominations.  Or even building bridges to nowhere.  So our Creator has locked us in a limited dimensional time capsule with a very fragile temporary body to learn how to come into humility and obedience out of freewill,  if we are up for it.   If we don’t make the transition into spiritual maturity then only darkness and being alone will remain.  The only reason today that my soul knows life from death is I have now have a body that shares that information with my soul from the outside world.  Otherwise I would have no idea that anything existed at all.

Scuba Diving long ago,  I was in Hilo at “Boiling Pots” and dove down into a vertical lava tube about 30′ in diameter.  I had a 100′ cord so told someone to hold on to it as I did not want to go deeper that 100′  and tied the other end to my weight belt.  As I descended into that black hole I had never experienced that kind of weightless feeling as the sun light closed off very dim to about the size of a dime at 100′.  I could hear nothing but my own breathing,  I could see absolutely nothing,  I could feel nothing but the water.  Then my imagination started to give me images of what was a few feet away on the walls.  It took me no time at all to go for that little dime of light and get out of there.  From what I can read in the Bible it seems that eternity for the lost will even be far worse.  Jesus spent a lot of time warning us about it but not preached much any more. That is if the minister wants to keep his job.   Seems that in this life only we have a choice between God’s Light and Truth or the world and blackness without a body.  Truly hope you choose wisely.  Have any questions, please write me.  
Yours, in HIS great love,  Ken<><

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