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Upon me finding Jesus as LORD and HIM finding me to save me in April 28 1955, I started attending a Grace Brethren Church.  As I look back now, I am very thankful as it kept me spiritually alive but sorry to say it was a small box with very little power of the Holy Spirit and not much freedom.   One of the first things I was taught was that the Book of Acts could not be used for Doctrine as it was only history.  Not even written by one of the apostles.  That upon the death of John the days of the supernatural were over and now we were saved as we made Jesus our Savior and came to church.  That was OK by me at the time as I had a lot of other stuff on my plate in providing a living for 4 and soon 5.   But I was an evangelical Christian and really tried to get everyone saved and become a member of our Church.

But that was a long long time ago and here I am at nearly 89 with a much different approach to the New Testament and especially the Book of Acts.   In fact I see a lot of God’s Truth in the Book of Acts that we need to really feed on.  Not much in the Bible concerning Luke as a physical but seems he followed the Disciples around and certain became attached to Apostle Paul.

So this evening we are going to as a gathering work together chapter by chapter going through Acts to look for living truth from God.   The first doctrine that is really clear is that you can be a Christian and not yet filled or empowered by the Holy Spirit.   The disciple became Christians when 40 days before they had the Holy Spirit restored to them in the ‘Upper Room.”  John 20:22.  So Christ Jesus restored the spiritual life that had been lost with Adam, Gen.2:7 as the spirit of life.  That is why in John 3:7, Jesus tells Nicodemus that he needed to be born again.   And in the Lord’s resurrection HE made that possible.   But even after being born again, Rom.10:9-10 the Holy Spirit has a further ministry of giving power: Acts 1:8. to become like Jesus.  Acts 1:8.

Next doctrine of interest to me is in Acts 1:11 which gives us a hint of the pre-tribulation Rapture as Jesus appears to be alone and not with the army of Rev. 19.   “This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.  ( Meaning no horse nor army as in the 2nd Advent at Armageddon. )

Next thing, seems to me, is Peter wanting to run things.  They are told to wait for the Holy Spirit and after they receive power then “ye shall be my witnesses” Acts 1:8,  Speak,  Luke 12:12,  guide,  John 14:26.    So Peter set about to restore the 12 with drawing lots without being told or guided by the Holy Spirit as yet the Holy Spirit had not been given and so Matthias who was never heard from again.   Later it seems to me that Jesus selected Paul to fit that vacancy.  The twelve Apostles are the 12 foundations of New Jerusalem and are seated as 12 of the Elders before the throne of Christ Jesus.   It seems to me that Paul’s name must be among them.  So in this sense Acts is also a History of what happened in reality.  Not that all done was according to the will of GOD.  Like the fight between Barnabas and Paul,  Acts 15:39, Gal.2:13  so Acts is also a history of what was done as not always guided by the Holy Spirit.

Now that is just what I see as doctrine in the 1st Chapter of the Book of Acts of 28 chapters.  In tonight’s gathering I would like to see if we all can read, understand and extract the Pure Truth of God from this wonderful little book of anointed history written by Luke, the physician.  

Yours in HIS great love and Wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><

Worthy Brief <;        From George Baltimore:
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