Russians implanting codes to destroy American Electric Grid System found.
China expanding naval power, world wide.   Placed 25% import tax on U.S. soy beans.
Dollar to be devaluated this month?
One million illegal immigrants to cross Southern Border this year.
Democratic Congress on war path to impeach Trump.
Many states on path to remove 2nd Amendment which also includes the right to assemble.
Christianity under persecution now in the USA as a religion of hate.
National debt quickly increasing to unsupportable levels.  National 2nd Great Depression Ahead?

Does sound like a bumpy road ahead.  So, “How Then Shall We Live?”

Spiritually:    Read again,  John, Acts and Romans.   Also take a look at  
And the link to “Keys To The Kingdom” and also the link to “WORTH CONSIDERING”

Inner cities especially large cities will be the worst place to be in a disruption.  Too many people if the food supply line is cut for one reason or another.   Riots will be immediate….

Think about storing some 25 year freeze dried basic foods and lots of water

Even a small source of sun power would be helpful if the grid goes down.

Think about growing food and so get a plan and some Heirloom seeds that will reproduce in kind.  Even some grow pots if your don’t have a back yard.  So you can move them indoors if a freeze hits.  But it would be very difficult to survive on only what you can grow.

Some fuel in reserve for an emergency.  There is an additive that will make it stay good for one year.

It is rather obvious that we are coming into a time of trouble.  Most of the world is already there.  So to put our heads in the sand and think that it will pass is not going to work very well.   It is estimated that if an EMP takes out the U.S. power grid that 90% of the U.S. 48 state population will be dead in less than one year from starvation.   That the U.S. 9 major transformers can only be built in Europe and each take 1 ½ years to build.  Of course all of this is just public news which is not very accurate much of the time.  But it is true that an atomic EMP set off above St. Lewis would fry every computer chip within a 1500 mile radius.  And would damage nothing but computer chips.  But then nothing that we depend upon would work anymore.  It would be back to the Dark Ages.

So each day that we have freedom to choose wisely should be taken very seriously.   We should be doing our home work and making the necessary changes to be ready for both this dimensions of Time (in which we live) and the coming dimension of Eternity (where we will all end up.)

Jesus talked about all this:   Matt.24, Mark 13, Luke 21.   Take time to understand what HE was sharing with us.    Yours, in HIS great LOVE,   Ken<><   (Also attached  is an end time paper that I put together of what I feel the Bible shares with us about the future.)

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