ALOHA SAINTS,FAMILY AND FRIENDS, Beloved of God and me,  John 3:16

VOICE OF GOD    “WORTH CONSIDERING”      9/30/20,      From Ken<>

Today’s Scripture         (Over my desk this morning from a church in Texas.)
Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.  (1 Peter 4:8, NLT)
Love Covers
In relationships, we all have disagreements, tension, and stress. When we do, we need to step back and remember that love makes allowances for other people’s weaknesses. Love covers a wrong done to it. You have to rise above these petty things that are pulling you apart. Give people room to have a bad day. When they’re rude, don’t respond. Be an eagle and rise above it. Life is too short for you to live at odds, being contentious, arguing over things that don’t matter. Some people have to have the last word in every argument. Don’t be hardheaded. Let it go. Quit wasting your energy. You have a destiny to fulfill. You have an assignment to accomplish. Those are distractions trying to pull you off course. Zip it up and let the other person be right. You may know they’re wrong, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t waste your valuable time on something that’s not moving you toward your purpose.
A Prayer For Today
“Father, thank You for loving and approving me just as I am. Help me to do the same with others and seek the best for others. I ask You for the deep love that covers offenses and weaknesses so that I can honor You in everything I do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”
Ken’s Thoughts:
Last night, I could not watch the presidential debate, it was disgusting.  Neither party was a true statesman.  We have come to this?  Of course, as a businessman organizer, I do feel Trump has been the best of the 2 choices allowed to us.  But we, as a nation do need to rise as a eagle and get an overview of God’s vision for our nation.  Obviously, we all know that if we keep drifting the way we have been going that judgment must fall.  At one time most of the Bibles in the world came from America, now most of the porn.  Use to be that we did all we knew how to do to save unborn children.  Now we find that some have been using the living body parts of abortions for experiments with animals. When I was in grade school God was in literature, social studies, English, geography and song and prayer and such.  Even had the 10 commandments by the light switch by the door.  No every vestige of God is being removed from the education of our children and even the parents are called on the carpet if their children are too religious.  And all of this can be changed at the present time at the ballot box.

None of us have it together even though we pretend that we do and can snow most of the people around us most of the time.   But then we need to live with ourselves and we know better.  So it is past time that we get honest with ourselves and God and come clean in humility so we can be healed.  Repent was the beginning message for the Church in Acts in Peter’s first message that converted 3,000 men, heads of families.   To repent for being like Adam is the beginning of life eternal.  Notice what Adam did when he was caught by God with his hand in the cooky jar.  God, you are responsible.  LOOK, it was the poor quality of a woman that you gave me.  She is the one who is responsible.   Of course Eve also had her story.  The serpent was so beautiful, You made him,  he beguiled me.  Blame shifting from the very beginning and we are still knee deep in it every day.

You have a totally free will.  You have every right to do with your life what you please.  In that way you are like God.  Except that God knows better than to sin and is not tempted by the lies of sin.  And HE actually has us spend a life time on earth to be able to figure it out.   Every day we are faced with a so called easy way which usually ends up having strings.  And we are confronted with a God way that sometimes looks difficult but then becomes easy.  Like I have been needing a large window put in the shop.  49″x 64″ and heavy.    After months of trying to get a really good price used or wholesale or CraigsList…  I finally got quiet enough a couple of days ago and heard the LORD simply say, just get the window….  So I called 3 places,  got a price at one store that was ½ that of another, orderd the glass, picked it up this morning and now already installed.  So another item off of my list.  So take the stuff to the LORD, then back off and find a place of peace and listen.  You will be surprised how your list get’s smaller and smaller.  So bottom line it is the better to be able to learn to hear the voice of the LORD and do as HE says regardless of how it looks.  It is better to be right with GOD though all around you feel you are nuts.  “Unless the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it”.  So don’t start something unless you know for sure it is HIS will.  And once you start don’t look back or listen to your so called friends tell you whay it will not work.  I often think of the Noah jokes of the day, that was one big barge with no water.  But the day came and the laughing stopped.  The snatching of the Church from the earth will be like that….  I have written a paper called, “The King is Coming” want a copy, tell me, no charge of course.  Ken<><

Yours, in HIS great Love and Wonderful Grace and Mercy, Ken<>< www.Trinity-Aloha.org
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Worthy Brief <worthybrief@worthynetwork.com&gt;     Asserting that faith values should not be excluded from public life, a British Member of Parliament has called on the UK government to recognize that faith communities can be an “enormous resource for society,” Christian Today reported Monday. In a report submitted to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Conservative (and Christian) MP Danny Kruger suggests the government ought to work out a “new deal with faith communities” that includes them in societal policy considerations.     After learning that career analysts disputed there was Trump-Russia “collusion” in the run-up to the 2016 election, CIA Director John Brennan personally edited the intelligence report on Russian interference in the election in order to continue justifying the ongoing “collusion” probe, RealClearInvestigations (RCI) reported Thursday.     U.S. intelligence developed evidence from Russia in summer 2016 that Hillary Clinton had personally approved a plan to concoct the Russia collusion narrative in an effort to harm Donald Trump and distract from her email scandal, according to an explosive document made public Tuesday by the Director of National Intelligence.

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