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VICTORY,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”   5/27/20,   From Ken<><
Today’s Scripture
“…By this I know that you delight in me: my enemy will not shout in triumph over me…”
(Psalm 41:11, ESV)

Who’s on Your Side?
In today’s Scripture when David looked at where he was as the king and thought about all he had gone through to get there—King Saul trying to kill him, people betraying him, armies attacking him—he recognized that God was behind the scenes the whole time, not letting those enemies defeat him. It gave him a boldness for he knew the Lord was on his side.

All of us have some of these “by this I know” experiences. When you look back at how you survived that sickness, how you put yourself through college, how you broke that addiction, you realize it was only by the grace of God, and here you are. When you know the Lord is on your side, it gives you a boldness. You don’t fall apart when opposition comes. Your attitude is, “You’re messing with the wrong person. I may look ordinary, but I have a secret: the Most High God is on my side.”

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for the history I have with You and for every time You have not allowed the enemy to triumph over me. Thank You for all the times when You’ve shown me that You are at my side. By this I know that I will triumph. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Thoughts,
Most of the time, for us, this kind of thinking does not work and we go down for the count as we are not really walking with the Lord in Faith.  And then we wonder why we lost and blame God.   Of course, God wants to help us all the time as HE originally created us to be in HIS image and likeness and to be HIS eternal family.   But then there was the need for spiritual growth and for us to be able to learn how to use our freewill in a productive way.  So our Creator set up an Earth School in the Garden of Eden to train us.  Our Creator made a very lovely garden with lots of good stuff to eat and gave Adam a wife, Eve and told him to rule over it and make lots of kids.  But to help with the growth of freewill our Creator also left one “NO!” tree in the garden, just one, so freewill could have a valid place of testing and growth with freewill.  Our Creator had absolute foreknowledge so HE knew already that there would be the need for a savior and that Christ Jesus would come as a replacement for Adam and would make it all work.  But that for man to be able to learn to love God, himself and others it was a must that there be no violation or manipulation of man’s freewill. Man had to decide to come to God’s loving light on his on.

So when Adam became prideful and rebellious and disobedient he and all of us were booted out of the lovely garden and into the world of sin, sweat & thorns that were left over from lucifer’s try at rebellion and pride with God.  You see, prior to Adam’s creation lucifer had been the covering cherub under God’s authority and in charge of this solar system, and in fact still is.  But his efforts imploded and made the world into the wilderness of Gen.1:1-2

So we see Adam created to take authority on a higher level than lucifer and to restore the beauty of God in this world.   But Adam was not content to be trained each day by our Creator in the cool of the evening and decided to do it his way and thus the mess we now have on earth of sin, sickness and death..  And the rest of us have followed right along with Adam.

So if you really want to have our Creator’s assistance you also have to learn to walk with HIM in the cool of the evening and absorb what HE has given HIS prophets for us to learn about.   So this concept that we can do what ever we want to and still live in the garden does not work.  It did not work for Adam and it will not work for us.  But if we truly repent for our past painful prideful and rebellious mistakes (sins) and make Jesus LORD,   then HE forgives us in Christ Jesus and begins to Sanctify us (to make HOLY)  to be like HIM.

So it is really pretty straight forward.   Read and digest the Gospel of John, History of Acts and the Doctrine found in Romans. (Heart Beat of Spiritual Truth)  Repent (turn away) from all you come to see as sin in your life according to God’s Word.  Make Christ Jesus your LORD (boss, master, ruler) and accept the promises of God that you find in the New Testament (WILL) as true and you will be on your way towards God’s light and living with our Creator God for eternity.  Every day the Holy Spirit will walk with you and help you clean up your past and bless the path for your future.  It is then that you will start seeing things fall into place that are needed in your life.  This concept that God is like Santa Clause is a demonic joke.  Without God’s grace we can change very little.  But with HIS grace in Christ Jesus we are move than Conquerors.  Rom. 8.    So if you like your darkness, it is up to you, you can keep it.  God will never violate your free will.  He will never stop you from doing what ever you feel to do.  But Sowing and Reaping do go together.  And you can easily sow seeds of pride and rebellion today that may take decades in which to try to pull the weeds that you have planted..  With Adam the Garden was gone,  history… sweat and thorns were the result of his decision for the rest of his life.

And actually when I really became a child of God in 1955 I was taught that I was Saved and Sanctified by God’s Grace and to just go to church and I would be OK.  I found out in 1968 that there was a lot more to it than the little box I had been locked up in for 13 years.  And that I had not even started on the road of Sanctification.  Even now I am still waking up to the fact that God’s Grace was given to me to help me really become like Jesus.  Every day now I am finding stuff hidden away that needs to be dumped.  Windows that have been boarded over to keep the light out and attitudes that need to be deeply adjusted.  Becoming a Child of God was only the beginning of the process of making the transition into HIS Kingdom from Earth that is still now presided over by lucifer except for where Jesus goes in us.  Any questions, get back to me and I will post your question with an open response.   No names, of course.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy, Ken<><

There is but one universal Church of Christ Jesus as LORD for eternity.
And all who Truly Love & Obey HIM as LORD are members.

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