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UNITY IN TRUTH,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”  11/27/19,   (Across my desk this morning.)

Today’s Scripture
“In Him [and in fellowship with one another] you also are being built together.    (Ephesians 2:22, AMP)
God Didn’t Intend For Us To Go It Alone

The Scripture says in Psalm 133:1 that it brings pleasure to the Lord to see “brethren dwell together in unity.” Imagine that when you come to church and fellowship with other believers, it brings joy to the heart of our heavenly Father and strengthens you as well! It’s important to find a church home where you can participate in worship, fellowship, events, small groups, and outreach opportunities. The person who benefits most from this involvement…is you! Wherever you choose to “dwell,” you will discover your new beginning and God’s purpose for your life.

A Prayer for Today
“God, I pray for the church today. Without a place for believers to belong, we would grow weak in our faith. Thank you for giving me so many opportunities to unite in communion and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.”

My Thoughts,
Unity in speaking the Truth in Love is the only way to really fly in the Kingdom of GOD…  And yet true unity takes so much loving patience in our instant world that rarely is it accomplished.  We have now defined,  “Agree To Disagree” to be a Biblical tradition and it is NOT!!!   The only prayer that we have recorded that our Lord Jesus Prayed is found in John 17.  And guess what,  Unity is clearly defined as having the same Unity  with each other that Jesus had with our Heavenly Father…  Christ Jesus even prayed for us today in John 17 :20-26 that we also come into that kind of unity (verse 22).  In fact it is clear that the church will never become empowered without loving unity in God’s Truth, 2 Tim.1-9.  So we will never see,  Eph. 4:11-16,  come to pass for the world to see Jesus until we are willing in humility and obedience to be joined together and certify the Unity of GOD’s Loving Truth in Great Power.  Look around us,  the world is seriously looking for GOD’s POWER to stop the pain in their lives.  In the last prophetic church mentioned in Rev.3:14-22,  Christ Jesus is even locked out of HIS own church and is knocking on the door to be let in.  This is not a negative, it is only to make us aware that the price of love, patience, humility and pride will need to be paid by all who wish to find GOD’S Loving Truth and come into UNITY to see Christ Jesus among the Church.   There is but one church of Christ Jesus and all who truly Love and Obey HIM are members.  Otherwise we are just a comfortable gathering of saints in a holding pattern forming a Christian Social Club.  In fact, most of the folks in the U.S. have tried it and found it to be boring and have become gospel hardened.  Where are the Peter, Paul, James and John’s of today?  Where is the concern for the lost?  Most Christians have never won another soul to Christ Jesus in their Christian walk, ever.  Some even are convinced that it is not up to them.  An Episcopal Priest once confided in me that his membership was a collection of GOD’S frozen chosen dedicated to the preservation of their church.  So when the Word of GOD teaches us to share the word in the Spirit of Truth and Love, it is very important.  And God’s Word means exactly what it says,  Eph.4:15,  1 John 3:18  I really like this verse in the Amplified:   Little children (believers, dear ones), let us not love [merely in theory] with word or with tongue [giving lip service to compassion], but in action and in truth [in practice and in sincerity, because practical acts of love are more than words]. 

There will be no gathering this Friday due to Thanksgiving weekend,  A time to enjoy family.  Next Friday a week It has been requested that we begin a study through, “The Revelation of Christ Jesus.”  As we are heading into the “End of the Age of the Gentiles” it should be a timely study.
Yours in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy,  Ken<><    www.Trinity-Aloha.org

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