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      “WORTH CONSIDERING”       10/5/20      From Ken<><

Did not find the sparking blog today from the church in Texas so guess need to go it alone today.   And as I am now 88 and getting closer to graduation, what could I write the is totally important and “Worth Considering?”

Jesus said something in HIS teachings that has always been a special light for me.
“And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”  John 8:32   Three times in John 8, Jesus mentions that HE was the “I AM” of God…  That HE was the one who gave the 10 Commandments to Moses.  And they missed it.  And in fact I missed it to for many decades as it was not taught as revealed as in the context of the Greek.   Seems to me that the Enemy has been working overtime to keep us stupid,  divided and controllable.  

So 1st on my list.
Know your enemy.  How can you battle unless you know were your battle field really is.  That means getting honest with yourself.  We have people calling themselves Christian when Jesus is not really LORD.   So there are very secure people in what they believe about their good works as all that is needed for a deed to the Kingdom.  When the Bible clearly spells out it is having a relationship with the Holy Spirit and Jesus that get’s the ticket.   It is faith in the Precious Promises that helps us in being changed into the image and likeness of God in Righteousness.

But many have departed from the Holy Scriptures to make their own denominationally based building dedicated to their own traditions.  It is amazing the difference between the Early Church home forum gathering and the spectator theaters that many call Church today.   It is not that they are wrong in all cases.  There were many big open air theater for evangelism and the ministry of truth  But there is enough wrong today so that folks get bored and quit seeking  to find the power of GOD elsewhere and some even return to the  encouraged through the Holy Bible.  But many fall away and become Gospel hardened.

Some Church members are taught to make Jesus Savior because they don’t want to be excluded from heaven.  They are told that is all they need to do.    But the Bible teaches us to make Jesus LORD.   And although God is totally all powerful and wants to lovingly teach us Obedience and Righteousness as with Adam.  Yet it is only through faith and love and your personal decision for humility, obedience and righteousness that God can do so.     It can only happen as we are being encourage to learn to  run to God and not from God.   It is only though the Holy Spirit that we can be trained in humility, obedience and how to use the power of God to help each other.  This means that we must spend time in learning about HIS great promises and in the process come into faith to want to become obedient to them as being real.   It is only then that we really can start the process of learning to live in God’s Kingdom of Righteousness and Power and become sanctified.
It is only then that we will be a match for the Kingdom of Righteousness that is being built.

So the core of really being a Christian is when in God’s Truth, Jesus is LORD become the core of our being.  That we give up the rights to control our lives to God.   This means the stuff we got from Adam of pride and rebellion has to go.  Truth comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.   It is finding all the truth in the Word of God and building on it that we become like HIM.   On any given subject we need to find the whole picture from Geneses to Revelation.   (Actually easy to do with Bible Gateway.)   We need it all to have all the facets of God’s Truth to see HIS TRUTH and be free.  This key is found in Isaiah 28,  precept upon precept and line upon line.  And the chapter goes on to say that God is going to wash away all of the deception in the resurrection.  It is like the old saying:  Content without Context is pretext.   Context is to take the time to get the overview before you make a decision.   And unless you personally know the all the truth,  you are not qualified to judge.   It is like being an atheist is really stupid as you must know all about everything in all of creation to make the judgment that God does not exist.   If you prefer to excuse yourself from the spiritual world, the best you can say is, ” I really don’t  know.”  Or further to be honest,  “I am not really impressed by what I have seen so far.”  But then don’t you really want to know, deep down.  If there is a door into another room to eternity, don’t you want to be sure you find it?

Yours, in HIS great Love and Wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><

D.L. Moody rarely spoke of His Baptism in the Spirit which took place in New York just after his church was burned down in the great Chicago fire of 1871. It radically changed his ministry, earning him the moniker, “Crazy Moody.” Yet, his preaching brought thousands to faith, and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago has educated thousands more for ministry since its birth.  The third great awakening saw God radically empowering believers by His Spirit to usher in a harvest in their generation which continues to impact society today.  George Mueller began a movement of orphanages and Christian schools, and amazingly, was accused of raising the poor out of their ‘station in life’ as he educated over 120,000 children.  Elsewhere in Great Britain, William Booth’s Salvation Army outreach was birthed out of the third great awakening. His concern for rampant alcoholism led to the prohibition movement of the 1930s. Riding on a wagon through the streets, Booth called on alcoholics to stop drinking and come to faith in Jesus. His success led former drunks to coin the phrase, “I’m on the wagon”.

Worthy Brief <;   A Haitian pastor and his wife who had immigrated to the US were found murdered upon returning to their island as missionaries, the Christian Post reported Sunday. Pastor Jean Phillippe-Quetant (57) and his wife Erna Plancher-Quetant (54) were shot dead in their home during the course of an armed robbery. The couple are survived by five children.  Symbolizing his eagerness to open up America despite the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump returned to the White House Monday night after leaving the military hospital where he was treated for COVID-19.     In contrast to a low-key stance it has adopted in the past, China is now pushing hard for leadership posts in United Nations agencies, frequently resorting to bribery and economic coercion in doing so, the Washington Times reported on Sunday. As one of the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, China has veto power.

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