True Vine Mini Farm, Kealia, Hawaii

Aloha Saints, Friends & Family,  Beloved of Jesus and me,   John 3:16,  John 12:24-26   John 17:20-23.

TrueVine Mini Farm,     Structure and Organization.  Ideas anyone?    2/23/21   
This is our source of help, so far.
   Lots of Youth looking for dirt.

Need someone who likes to organize & fine tune this kind of a vision.   I am not good at that stuff.   

Our  vision for the TrueVine Mini Farm is to have a space, first of all,  that is positive for spiritual growth in God’s Truth that sets us free.   And also to include making the Mini Farm comfortable and mostly self supportive as an Ohana Farm or family.   Have living space now for 6 plus Cindy, Sue and me makes 9.  With the other property the potential is unknown.  We are presently full for the next two month. 

Some chores are an opportunity to be creative and some are supportive.  Some are fun and some are not. But there is a need for a basic assignment and responsibility for those things that are needful just to live, be clean and healthy.

We want folks to come because they want to learn and help in their area of interest.  And our vision is for that to happen with all who come.   Eventually we hope to see an Ohana Family that enjoys the opportunities that are available grow out of this effort and become home to many.  But there can not to be any pressure for that to happen.  Many who come will simply be explorers and that is fine.  In a real sense we are all pilgrims on a speck of dust, hurtling through space,   temporarily enjoying a very short experience in this unique temporary dimension of time as pilgrims and explorers.   Obviously, to me, we have been created by intelligent design and a careful purpose that would be in our best interest to find.

But as to the TrueVine Mini Farm.  It is mostly just a beginning dream.  Our vision is to eventually become self sustaining for most of what we need for life and enjoy doing it.   We have this .6 of an acres and 7 doors north we have another ½ acre and we also hope to get a lease from Bishop for the 320 acres behind both of those lots that we have now.  That is, if,  the Ohana comes together with one mind and one spirit with enough dedicated souls to make it work.   So the vision is to live and work towards our own little Eden in Kealia, HI as originally planed by our Loving Creator.

So we have a need to, in unity, establish:   Meals, shopping and cooking.   Costco and Town once a week for staples, Basic foods only.  (Special foods, diets and junk foods are personal.)    Add your favorite staples to the Costco list.  House Keeping (Bathrooms and Kitchen Annex and such.)  Weekly laundry times to do laundry Monday – Friday.  Gardening for food we can eat.  Rodent duty to get rid of mice, rats and mongoose  Construction and RepairsHealthy social time planningOhana Family gathering on Fridays at 5:30 for a shared meal and spiritual encouragement.

This little memo has much room for changes and learning as to how best to develop this kind of unity.  It also must make room for training leadership and needs innovations to grow in life and faith to become inspirational and productive.   But may go no where,  but then learning to walk on water is not for the faint at heart.     Be Blessed in your day,     Ken<><   www.OhanaChurch.Life
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