TIME            “WORTH CONSIDERING”           12/30/22

In just 1 day now we will be saying Good Bye to 2022.   Being born in 1932, a big surprise for me to still be in the land of the living.  But enjoying every moment of it with my great grand children. (Got a bunch of fireworks for tomorrow night) & still being able to write to you.  It is amazing how fast my life has gone by.  And considering that my soul is eternal, my life is just getting started.  Actually I was 23 when the Holy Spirit really got my attention.  It has been a bumpy road for me.  But at this time it seems very  clear and straight.   And it all started with repentance.  The following came in from a church in Texas and felt worth sending along for your 2023 celebrations.   

Today’s Scripture:    On the day Jonah entered the city, he shouted to the crowds: “Forty days from now Nineveh will be destroyed!”  Jonah 3:4, NLT
Don’t Miss Your Moment:   God told the prophet Jonah to tell the people of Nineveh that in forty days He was going to destroy their wicked city. God put a time period on it. He was saying, “You have forty days to get your lives right.” He didn’t say, “Whenever you feel like it is okay, just as long as you do it.” When Jonah told the people, they and their king immediately confessed their sorrow and declared a fast of repentance. They didn’t wait a week or twenty days, and God spared the city.  Is there something you could change in the next forty days, and you would see God’s favor in a new way? Maybe God is saying, “You have this much time to get your priorities in order, to forgive that person, or to get serious about your relationship with Me.” I don’t know what it is for you, but there’s a window of grace that doesn’t last forever. It comes with a time limitation. Don’t miss your moment. Be quick to obey.
A Prayer for Today:  “Father, thank You for how You speak to my heart and for giving me windows of grace that help me change and see Your favor in new ways. Help me to be sensitive to Your still, small voice and hear any alarms, promptings, and suggestions, and to be quick to obey. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Thoughts:
TIME is only a temporary dimension in creation.   Our Creator God lives in a dimension without time.   But for us to be able to learn about love and free-will without destroying the universe we have been placed in a small capsule of time.  So each of us has a built in clock for our life time created in the foreknowledge of God.  In eternity God already knows who will be HIS “Elect”, but in time we don’t know,   1 Cor. 13.   Our Creator God has allowed for our life in this temporary dimension of time to exist for 7,000. of our years in which to birth HIS eternal family.  We are now about 6,000 years into the completion.  When Jesus returns at Armageddon the world will have the last 1,000 yr. Sabbath Rest of the LORD left to complete the week of thousand years.  This will also be the time when all of the promises of God to Abraham are totally fulfilled.  2 Peter 3:8.

But for us, God gives us 120 years ( Gen.6:3 ) If we use it wisely and do the proper maintenance. But if we through stupidity or rebellion or pride cut our time short by being stupid.   And of course others can also, due to free-will, shorten the of others in so many ways today.   If you watch films, we learn how to terminate others in so many various ways today.   Almost seems like an obsession.  Like the crowds of Rome going to the Colosseum only it is right in our own homes and living rooms.  
So what is our Creator God’s plan for us down here to learn in our short life time.  Basically it is for us to learn to want to go for the light and not the darkness.  To find, learn and submit to HIS commandments so in eternity there will be a loving peace and joyful obedience as a God family. There will be no jails nor bathrooms nor night in God’s Heavens.  So in our life time on earth we are in the process of learning to live with our Creator God and to make the jump to light speed or we are absorbed into being self centered and submitted to the physical pleasures of this world.

So each day we are either learning and submitting on how to live in eternity with God or we are being deceived in seeking after the temporary physical pleasures of this world like we were going to live forever.   So in actuality this world is set up to either make you fit to spiritually live in eternity with God.  Or this world will lead you into an eternity of absolute darkness all by yourself alone.  Personally I would hate to see anyone go into that darkness alone for all of eternity.   I was shopping in Costco yesterday and people were like water flowing in all directions, old and young and I was praying, Lord Jesus, teach me how to reach them.   And in my heart HE said learn to do what I did from the sources that I had and you can do what I did and even more than I did.   So I need to go through the O.T. and see what HE was talking about.   But I know that it was God’s Power through HIM that caused the people to come to HIM for God’s Truth.   And if we can learn to do as HE did we too can draw the multitudes to HIM as in Acts 5:16.   Our problem is knowing the difference between man made vain traditions of the churches and the simple powerful truth of God as found in the Holy Scriptures of God’s word.  When we get it right then the Holy Spirit will then be free to confirm what we teach with God’s Power in mighty signs and wonders.   In 1 Cor. 12 we note that the Body of Christ has many parts.  And then there is also the Unity factor of John 17:20-26.

So if we really want to enjoy seeing the glory of Christ Jesus among us to draw others into the image and likeness of God it is going to cost us all we have as He also set the example.   Jesus taught: “And Jesus said to them, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you do not have life in yourselves.”  John 6:53   And in John 14:21 Jesus taught:  “The person who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and reveal Myself to him”  Also in John15:10 “If you keep My commandments and obey My teaching, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and remain in His love.”    And our Adamic nature is going to cry out against this concept all the way.  I have yet to find anyone who has made a personal list of the commandments of Christ Jesus?  Of course we could start with the Decalogue of the big 10 except Jesus excluded the Sabbath Rest, which He fulfilled.   My search came up with 1,050 New Testament Commandments of Jesus under 49 Basic subjects.  So please find and Obey HIS commandments if really a Christian and want to begin to experience God’s loving healing and deliverance in your short life time.  Want to experience God?   Dump the vain traditions,  find and obey the Word of God.    https://www.commchbj.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/49-Commands-of-Christ.pdf

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace & Mercy,   Ken<><   www.OhanaChurch.Life

There is but ONE Church of Christ Jesus as LORD on earth.
and all who Love, Honor & Obey HIM are eternal members.

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