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THE KING RETURNS        “WORTH CONSIDERING”   2/5/21   From Ken Smith<><

Tonight at Ohana Church at Ken’s House we will enjoy an evening of searching the scriptures together concerning the next Major prophetical event.  The Holy Scriptures concerning “The Return of the King.”   I have attached a paper concerning the event which we will be covering this evening, if interested or have questions.   Gathering is a 5:30 for a shared meal and time of testimony and fellowship.  Then to prayerfully be guided by the Holy Spirit for the rest of the evening.   Be sure you are free of the virus. 

In Matt. 24-25, Mark 13, Luke 21 the Lord’s end time prophesy is written by 3 different witnesses each seeing and having a different perspective of the same time event.   So the difference can all be merged into a single prophesy with the Truth as shared by the Lord Christ Jesus.   So if you compare what is happening around the world today and match it to the prophesy you will see that time seems to be forging ahead towards the next prophetical event, the snatching away or what some call the Rapture of the Church.

If really interested in all this, take a look here:    My paper on, “The Return Of The King.”  Of course this is what I see.  Others teach mid-trib and post-trib positions.   Personally I see in Holy Scripture that Jesus took GOD WRATH for us and when we make HIM LORD, we are no longer under God Wrath as in the Great Tribulation which is 7 years of HIS Wrath.  That the Church goes home prior to the Judgment. of God’s Wrath for the rejection of HIS salvation.   Also I feel that faith is a requirement to go home in the Rapture.   As all that God gives us and provides for us on earth is through heart faith.

Note.   I did not mean to agree in my past blog with the brother that thought fetal parts may had been used in the virus Prep.   Received some flack back on that so like to simply say, I don’t know.   Not my area of expertise.  If true, it would be very sad to need to consider.  As this Virus  attack has become politicized I am not sure we will now what really happened for many years to come.

Bottom line, we need to think of church as the people not the steeple.   And that the first gathering of Christians was 11 including our Lord.  That the very healthy Early Church had no buildings or paid Elders.  Offering and Gifts were secured for helping the poor and sending out evangelists but that giving was a matter of the heart and of vision and not the matter of the Law in the Old Testament.  Folks gathered to hear testimonies, get good teaching, share a loving meal with the Lord’s Supper.  They prayed for their needs.  And they took time to pray for others.   And great and mighty signs were done by the Elders through the Holy Spirit to lift up Jesus.  You should pray about starting a House Church in your own home.  And we would be happy to help.

Worthy Brief <;  
This is a very concise Christian overview of what is happening in the world each day.   Much of what comes up in this file is directly prophesied in the Prophesy of Jesus about the later days of our present time.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace & Mercy,   Ken<><
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There is but ONE Church of Christ Jesus, all who Love, Honor & Obey HIM are members.

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