[revival] AMERICA & the SUDDEN STORM – A Warning – Andrew Strom

WELL WORTH CONSIDERING,  I FEEL ANDREW IS GIVING US A TRUE WARNING….  Blessings,  Ken<>< On 8/25/2020 9:56 PM, REVIVAL List wrote: > AMERICA & the SUDDEN STORM – A Warning from New Zealand… > by Andrew Strom > > As you know, we have published many warnings over the years > that have quite a similar theme. But I want to add a note of > urgency this time – and some specific things to watch out for. > > America is a nation that has been on my heart for many years. > We have relatives and nephews in that nation – as well as many > friends. We lived there ourselves for four years. So my warnings > come from the heart. But sadly, it seems that many of the things > we have warned of are more and more coming true. Today I watch > what is happening in that nation with ever-increasing alarm. > > EXPECT a “SUDDEN” TURN > > I am hoping that many of our American friends have made > practical preparations for the hard times ahead – because now > is the time to be thinking and praying about these things. I am > convinced that though the buildup may be long and steady, > what is coming amounts to a “sudden” break – a sudden > descent into chaos that will come with virtually no warning. > > I believe it will get real bad – real fast. And many who have made > solid preparations will basically have no time to enact them. > That is how quickly I expect this storm to erupt. > > What I am really saying is this: If you are going to move – move > early. If you have felt led to go to a certain place to ride out the > storm – don’t hang around. By the time you go to leave – it may > be too late. The time to pray about this is now. God will give > you a peace about the right course of action – if any. > > One of the great dangers right now is the distraction of “politics”. > The election is coming and Social Media is a war-zone. Many > Christians are totally caught up in this “war”. Don’t be one of > them. Leave others to fight it out. You need to be listening to > the Lord at this time – ready to move when He says. The safety > of your family could depend on it. Be at the right place at the > right time – and don’t get distracted. > > As I said, you need to pray about all this. Some of you will end > up staying right where you are. Others need to hear from God > exactly where they should go – and when. I expect the fallout > from this thing to go on for quite some time – perhaps many > weeks. Be ready and be prepared. Commit yourself to the Lord > and He will keep you in the palm of His hand. > > To sum up, some of you need to act on this warning. Others > need take no action whatsoever. God’s leading and God’s > peace are the only things that matter. I am only writing what > I feel on my heart to write. It is up to you to pray and ponder > these things before the Lord. I have felt an urgency to get this > warning out – so that is what I’m doing. The rest is between > you and God. > > Be blessed and stay safe, my friends. > > God bless you all, > > Andrew Strom. > > > — > YES! – You have permission to post these emails to friends > or other groups, boards, etc – unless there is a Copyright > notice above which says differently. > > To subscribe, please send a ‘subscribe’ email to- > prophetic@revivalschool.com > > See our website and comments board- > www.revivalschool.com/ > > To unsubscribe, send ANY message to: anzac-unsubscribe@welovegod.org > > To send material for consideration for publication, send to- > prophetic@revivalschool.com > > MODERATOR: > Andrew Strom, > Sunnyvale, > Auckland, > New Zealand. >

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