Aloha Family & Friends,  Beloved of God,  John 3:16-18,  12:24-26,  17:20-26.

REST     “WORTH CONSIDERING”    5/9/20     From Ken<><

Just doing some paper work, bills and stuff today,  day is nearly gone and listening to some good music.
Thought you might like to take 5, hang 10 and join me.

One of my favorite movie themes is from Gladiator looking for his heaven and family.
Not quite there, needed to finish off the bad guy and then he was free.   A fantasy, but had a good heart.

Earlier I was listening to some choral music singing about King Jesus in Latin and deeply remembering how much I enjoyed the time when 16 and again at 20 singing this stuff,  so here is a touch. 
And I was sinking deeply into some really old memories the Holy Spirit quietly said,  Yes, and I enjoyed hearing you sing of the Glory of the LORD at that time as well….  It really touched me deeply that even as a Jacob at that time.  I was headed towards hell, even then but God was there with me in those moments of light in HIS goodness of drawing me towards him.  The English words were below the Latin so the meaning could be understood and some times was frightening but it took another 6 years before I was able to find the faith to walk through the door into the LORD’s Kingdom.  He is still with me, even now, still teaching me to let go of the world and find my total completeness in HIM.  A lot of saints have passed me by.  Seems like the LORD has given me more time as I truly need it.

Mozart also did a bit of black opera and I love Kirt Moll’s voice and the profound message.
A father returning from the dead to try to get his debouching son into heaven.  If you are a Christian Parent you may know the feeling.  In Mozart’s day they had a keen understanding of heaven and hell,  Today it is a little like mush.  Most folks think they are good people and as such will surly go to heaven.  But it is faith that saves not works.

Of course songs of redemption by the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei)  were perfected in those days like:

Barber – AGNUS DEI (arr. Adagio for Strings) – Rotterdam Symphony Chorus – (LIVE)  and even today by  Michael W. Smith:

So it seems to me that in the Absolute Foreknowledge of God we are loved for our whole journey in time.   And HE is with us even before we make Christ Jesus Lord in seeking to protect and help us to make good decisions.  Of course we were also created in this temporary dimension of time with a freewill to choose our own path.  Otherwise we would just be a robot parroting out what was programed in.  There could be no moral judgment with this as the basis.  So your eternity is a work in progress and totally up to you.  God has already done all HE can for us to help us find HIM.

Yours, in HIS great love and most wonderful grace and mercy,  Have a great day off tomorrow,  Read Heb. 4


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