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Today’s Scripture    ( Across my desk this morning from a church in Texas.)
Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.  Prov.25:28.
Build Up the Walls
When you let your feelings control you—anger, impatience, lust, a negative attitude—your walls of defense are down. The enemy can come in and run your life. God has given us self-control. Quit saying, “I can’t stop it. It’s too hard.” You have the ability, but self-control is like a muscle—if you never discipline yourself to walk away when you feel like taking the easy way out, then your self-control muscle is very weak. You have to start exercising it by saying no to your flesh. You have a destiny to fulfill. But as long as you are controlled by these ordinary impulses, God can’t release the amazing things He has in store for your future. Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with how many years you’ve been in church or how long you’ve known the Lord. It has everything to do with what kind of fruit you are displaying. Are you ruling over your emotions?
A Prayer For Today
“Father, thank You that one of the fruit of the Spirit working in me is self-control. Thank You that I don’t have to be a slave to feelings that have tried to control me for years. I believe that as I say no to the flesh, I will reach my highest potential. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”
Ken’s Thoughts:
Self-Control for me is strongly attached to Free-Will.  And the Bible teaches us that if we have a lack of vision, we will not make it to light speed with God.  So in the Bible, God, through HIS prophets in both the Old and New Testament has set Solid Promises in place to give us an over view vision from HIS eternal dimension and perspective..

Through the prophets and apostles HE confirms to us that our dimension of time is only temporary.  That we have a very short time in this dimension to decide for disobedience or obedience in the free exercise of our free-will.   That we are here to lean how to use our free-will in a positive and a righteous manner.  That there will be eternal consequences as to our choices made in time.  And that those choices will be eternal.   So what are some of God’s plans for us if we come into love, faith, humility and obedience to HIM.

First off Jesus shared with us, 2,000 years ago, that HE was going to build an eternal house for us and even told us how big it would be: 1,500 miles by 1,500 miles by 1,500 miles high.  He talked about clear as glass,  gold being used for the streets.  He shared that we were to become HIS “Rod of Iron” as kings, priests and ambassadors in ruling over the earth in an Eden in peace for a thousand year.  He shared that by faith He would save us and forgive and empower us and then every thing that we did because of our Love for Him He was going to reward us for, even a cup of water given because of our obedience and love for HIM.  He shared that we, as HIS Church-Bride-Body would also be used to boot lucifer and his minions out of the heavens.  He shared about having a big wedding feast with us and blessing us and gifting us for what we did for HIM here on earth in time.  That if we would share HIS truth, HIS word of freedom that we could join with HIM in the harvest of eternal souls for HIS Kingdom.  He also promised to be with us in the Holy Spirit though our time of testing and for eternity.  And that HE would give us supernatural Grace to help us overcome the world as HE overcame the world.  He even challenged us that we could be like HIM and learn to do what HE did.  That if we found HIS commandments and kept them that HE would honor us before HIS Heavenly Father the ultimate source of all that is created in the universe.  That if we would dig into HIS word and accept HIS promises as being True and Faithful that HE would even allow us to grow up into being like HIM for all eternity.  That HIS vision was to create a people who are like HIM with free-will that have chosen to be righteous and creative in all thing to the point of never changing.  And  to ultimately become HIS eternal family and a joint heir with HIM in all that has been created in the universe.

So the big challenge for us is to come to be so sure of HIS promises that we are willing to become centered in Christ Jesus as our LORD.  That HIS promises are a better choice than to live out our lives simple being self-centered.  All babies start off with the Adamic nature of being self-centered.  And as we get older we learn to control the me, mine nature to some extent.  But Christ Jesus is asking us to die totally to that old Adamic nature in exchange for the Nature of God, with HIS help, of course.  The process of redemption and restoration to God’s vision can only happen as we decide to truly make Christ Jesus both LORD & SAVIOR for real.  With permission I sometimes ask a person, “If a bolt of lightening hit you and you became a pile of ashes, where would your soul go.”   So send me your answer, if you are interested in the above? And the second question that I ask is, “WHY?   Most so called Christians find an in-between Comfort Zone and  rationalize and even con volute scripture so that they feel OK.  But this is a lie of the enemy as God will not be through pruning and training us until we are like Jesus.  And God will not violate our free-will, we can bail at any time, but HE will never fence us in. Heb.6     So If you do believe in the Precious Promises I challenge you to seek as I do every day to become 100% like Jesus, 1 John 4:17

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy, Ken<><

Worthy Brief <;     Did the CIA help to perpetrate the Russia hoax in order to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump? That’s what newly declassified material appears to indicate.    Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe revealed that he has handed over nearly 1,000 pages of documents to assist in the Justice Department’s inquiry into the Trump-Russia investigators being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.   The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget released a report Wednesday estimating that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s proposed policy measures would raise taxes by about $4.3 trillion over the next decade.   China reportedly censored Vice President Mike Pence but not California Sen. Kamala Harris during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday.    The U.S. government has seized nearly 100 domain names used by a branch of Iran’s armed forces that officials said Wednesday were being used to conduct a disinformation campaign featuring fake news sites targeting the United States and other countries.
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