ACROSS MY DESK THIS MORNING,   8/15/19  from a dear minister on the front line.
Reading your notes this morning and we are 90% on the same page but it appears that you feel that GOD’s foreknowledge is limited?  Your Wrote:  “Everyone is born into the earth to fulfill a previously ordained  (predestined) divine purpose. This is confirmed repeatedly in Scripture.”

It appears to me that foreknowledge and predestination go together in the creation.  That the Elect are the result of both God's absolute foreknowledge and predestination based on the free will that HE was giving us.  FreeWill is absolutely necessary as LOVE can not exist without it.  Of course there are two dimensions, 1 Cor.13:9-12,   God's Eternal Dimension and our temporary Dimension in Time.  So from God's dimension it is a done deal.  The architect with the blue prints building the building knowing where every nail will go.  But for us, we are working our our salvation and he that endureth to the end shall be saved.    There has been a great deal of confusion in the Church on this issue as predestination alone leaves ua feeling like robots and having no responsibility for what we do.  "I am what I am for GOD made me this way...."  This is a lie of the enemy and very destructive.  I am totally responsible for my life in time and GOD does not at all manipulate any my decisions, good or bad.  "Who so ever will, may come, and drink of the waters of life freely." Rev.22:24-17.    Foreknowledge and Predestination are 2 sides of the same coin.  Like knowing what materials are available, designing the building accordingly and now we are into the building of the building.  In roughly another 1,000 earth years the building will be completed with a new heaven and a new earth in Love and Righteousness made possible through freewill.  The Elect will all be there with their/our Creator and with love and obedience due to their own personal decisions to do so in freewill as supported by God's Grace and of course Christ Jesus.  And the former things will then all pass away.  Rev.21...    (Check out my "Worth Considering" link for more on "Election & Foreknowledge")  It appears you have been under Calvinist teachings which totally ignore our temporary time dimension of testing and freewill.  The Holy Scriptures are full of conditional "IF" scriptures as well.   Rom. 8:13-14 & 29.    

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