I am a little uneasy due to the lies and confusion I find especially among Christians.  So many superficial and personality types of useless political junk flying about.   So if not wanting to read this paper about Politics, just hit the delete button,  easy fix.

First off,    Trump was not elected to be a Christian Minister,   he was elected as an obviously wise businessman who might balance the books for the nation.   Unfortunately the socialists still control the purse strings in the House of Representatives and are out to bankrupt the nation and want to take over our Constitutional Republic and make the U.S. into an atheistic socialist nation like China.  Don’t look at what is said,  look at what is being done.  But do read Romans 13 about how GOD sees all of this stuff and especially any signs of rebellion.    From HIS point of view, we will get the government that we deserve and we need to keep in prayer about it.

> https://youtu.be/sMLNbLohcMM      “Why they want us to hate Trump.”

Socialism gains power through the use of lies and impossible false promises.  But once gaining power then slaughters those who object to the unfulfilled promises.   Socialism has always been about gaining power and then making slaves out of the masses.   Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.   If the atheist socialists win this Nov. election,  Christians will really be in for it.  There will be major negative freedom changes in the LAW.  It will become a very vicious time like when Hitler took Germany into socialism starting in 1933.  Industry will become nationalized,  Inflation will soar,  bank accounts over a certain amount stolen.   Taxes unbearable,  Churches closed,  non-profit status recended,  Bibles labeled as hate literature and burned. Gun rights revoked and arms confiscated.   Gay and Black rights temporarily exceeding real rights.  Abortion at will.   History turned to fiction in schools.   Little by little this atheism will all head our way if Trump does not win.  And none of this is new.  The last 4 years has been a serious fight between our Republic and the Socialists are already in our present government.   The socialists have been very active to secure all of the above.  They even spent Billions of Tax payer funds for over 3 years in trying to boot Trump out of office on the basis of lies.  They know that if Trump remains in office that the Washington swamp just might be drained in the next 4 years.  It has all been set up now for that big event to happen if Trump is still in office.  That is the reason for such a fight,  it is a life and death struggle for American Socialism.

It is going to be a very disturbing next 3 months of mud slinging but the bottom line is either we get all our friends and neighbors and family to vote for the Constitution or it may be replaced by socialism in a just few years time.    Trumps personality has nothing to do with anything important.  But his actions do.  More people were going to work,  Military is more protective.  Wall is being built.  Taxes were reduced.  No one knew in the beginning what to do with the CCPvirus and we really still don’t.  The road between income and security with the virus is not going to be easy to find.

But keep your eyes on King Jesus as it seems the birth pains for the creation of His Church are upon us.   Matt.24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.   Write me if you would like my paper:   “The King is Coming”   ken@trinity-aloha.org

Yours, in HIS great love,  Ken<><   www.Trinity-Aloha.org

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