Aloha Saints, Family & Friends,        (59 days till Christmas 2020.)
Politics & Prophesy,   Sunday, 9/26/20,   “Worth Considering”    From Ken<><

Obviously we are in a sea of misinformation and out right lies and will be there for the next 60 days.  My thought have been to find some objectivity about it all as to which 2 choices that we have would be best for us Christians.   Seems all shades of Grey for the most part with no White Knight to step in and save us all.

One side wants to kick God out of everything and get rid of our Constitutional Republic and put another form of government in it place which they say will be atheist and better for all.   Of course those thought have been tried by many countries over the years and ruined most of them.  Absolute authority, corrupts, absolutely….

The other side seems to be sliding around our Constitutional corners as well.  But then can you believe anything from the national news these days?  the Pres. is a business man, not a Christian it would seem.  Got to personally know, for sure,  both sides to be able to clearly judge a Truth.  You can find anything on YouTube.

Some of the things that I liked about the last 4 years.  Supreme Court Judge choices.   Putting folks back to work, best employment in 50 years.   Less restrictions, less taxes and more freedom.  Christmas again celebrated at the White House.   OK to say Merry Christmas again.  We were just about to have a balanced budget when hit with the virus from China.  Which some feel may be a planned attack.  Also would love to see the swamp REALLY DRAINED in D.C.

But the big issue is to really stay close to the Holy Spirit and not to let any of this junk change your relationship with Jesus.  Watch out for pride full judgments and bitterness.  None of us know exactly what happened.  We only see through the eyes of those who may already have been corrupted.  So stay in Love with humility and obedience to the Holy Spirit and we will be fine.
Yours, in HIS great love,   Ken<>< www.trinity-aloha.org   www.OhanaChurch.life

Things of interest for me from the Internet:
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World Health Org. Knowledge and efforts concerning the virus..
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