Aloha Saints, Family and friends,  beloved of Jesus and me,   John 3:16
    “WORTH CONSIDERING”  1/2/21   From Ken<><


Not in fear of death, just be another living experience.  But I would leave a big mess at this time.  Still have much to do.  But a bit concerned about others.  But not a good way to go either.  And there is so much left to do yet down here.  Been trying to find 100% Christians and seems they are very scarce.

Personally, I would like to go home in the victory of the Rapture.  The victory of our LORD over death, hell and the grave where the Bride goes home in the Glory of God to be joined with HIM for eternity.  It is through these great and precious promises that we become like HIM.  What we believe, changes the way that we live and what we do.  Salvation is totally by faith, but if you have real saving faith it will also change your life to be more like Jesus.   Salvation is not Fire Insurance but a total change of life style.  Our Creator is building a new Kingdom of Righteousness and we are all invited.  We are given new garments of faith at the door to wear but we must put them on to be able to go on into the union with GOD for HIS new Kingdom of Righteousness.  So death can be a door to outer darkness and being alone or it can be a door into a brand new creation of God and a big change to be able to be in HIS presence.  He is not going to allow the pride and rebellion of this world to contaminate His new kingdom.  This dimension of time for decision will come to an end and be gone very soon.  It is not like I have all of the answers.   I am still looking.   You may have more answers than I do.   That is the why of the unity factor.   “United we stand, divided we fall.”  “ A divided house can not stand.”  “How can two walk together unless they be agreed.”   1 Cor. 12 tells us all about it.

If I had all the answers I would be like Jesus, but ask my wife, not yet.   So  I am hoping we can look for the answers together.   Soon I will have an additional page and section in my web files concerning Unity in the HOLY SPIRIT.   Obviously much of the so called theater church of today is more like a holding pen to fatten cattle than like the Powerful Early Acts Church.   I see the Holy Scriptures as a timeless guide book that holds the Truth of God out to the world by example and needs to be presented in the language of each generation.  But we must learn and share the difference between the darkness and light.  Got to keep JESUS, Peter, Paul, James, John and Jude as our teacher if we are ever going to find the balance of Love, Holiness and Power that reveals Jesus as LORD.

Study John 17 and Eph.4:11-16 if you want some help in perfecting yourself and the Saints.  Personally I don’t have the time for another crash so the Holy Spirit has my full attention at this time.   If you have tried it your way and where has it gone? The enemy can sure keep us busy with stuff, work and other people if we are not discerning.  God is interested in quality, not quantity….  Is your life  all about you or does it belongs to Jesus,  every day is a choice for me or for HIM.  I know that much of what I write to you is directly from the Holy Spirit and in the resurrection you may need to give an answer for what you have done with it.   But there is no way for this to help you unless you want it to help in the LORD.   And that is not to say that all I have written is heavenly anointed but much of it is eat the fish and toss the bones.   And what is Jesus doing through the Holy Spirit with you to help souls find HIS Kingdom today.  For me, it is to start a small hot fire in the middle of this cold spiritual rain storm in my home.  And I am starting to get a small spark at this time and a lot of smoke.   And that is OK and normal for starting a fire.  So we get to burn out or to rot out.  Which would you prefer?

On my web site: soon there will be an added link for Unity among the believers as per John 17.   It will be open for correction and further inclusions if valid by Holy Scripture in context.   It will not be much about stuff it will basically be about growing in the Spirit in humility & obedience.  “Concerning essentials, UNITY.  In all else, LOVE.
Also please consider gathering a family house church together  even if 2 or 3 in HIS name.  www.OhanaChurch.Life

Have a tent space open from now till 2/18 (single) if anyone wants to come, get warmed up.
Also the Holy Spirit had me purchase a ½ acre lot 5 doors north for ministry purposes?   It will be open for family camping soon but needs some fixing as the home burned down and looks bombed out now.  Needs a bath house and Temp. power pole.  Has an old ofuro (Japanese Hot Tub) that also needs fixing.  Does have running water at this time.

We are now enjoying a Friday evening “House Church” at 5:30 with a shared meal, fellowship, prayer, worship when we have a musican and some Bible.  Looking forward to building that 100% unity factor so we can enjoy the Holy Spirit in power.  
Yours in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy, Ken<><

There is but one Church of Christ Jesus and all who Love, Honer and Obey HIM are members.

Might enjoy Worthy Brief for 2/2/21:    Worthy Brief <;

Odds of death from CCPvirus   My age: 1 in 90,   (Firearm assault: 1-298.)    65-74,  1 in 807, (about like Motorcycles.)   45-54 1 in 6,346,   (between bicycles and sunstroke)  35-44 1 in 20,219 or between electrocution and sharp objects      A bit of perspective.

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