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LIGHT OF GOD,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”    1/15/20,   (Across my desk this morning from Joel.)

Today’s Scripture
“When darkness overtakes him, light will come bursting in…”    (Psalm 112:4, TLB)
Light Comes Bursting In

We know that God is always with us, but the psalmist says that in times of difficulty, God is very present. You’ll never see the fullness of who God is if you’re in the light all the time. It’s in the storms, in the difficulties that God is most present. When you don’t see a way out and it’s dark, you’re in prime position for God’s light to come bursting in. It’s going to happen suddenly—a burst of favor, of healing, of strength. You didn’t see it coming. One moment you were struggling with debt, and suddenly—one contract, one promotion, one good break—you have more than enough. What happened? The light came bursting in. The God who is a very present help in trouble said, “Your night season was only temporary. It’s time for your breakthrough. Now it’s time to propel you forward.” God is about to do that for you.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that in times of trouble when I don’t see the way out and it’s dark, that You come bursting in with light and direction. I believe that You, the Creator of the universe, have highly favored me and are about to propel me forward. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Thoughts:
In the New Testament light is mentioned about 94 times and in the Old 215.  So the concern of God is to bring us into HIS light.  Darkness is also mentioned 142 times with concern that we know the difference and stay away from it.   I once had a dream/vision? of being in a pitch black room so dark that nothing could be seen.  Christ Jesus came in through a black door on my right and walked through the black room in all of HIS brightness and made a bright white door in the left end of the room and left.  Lucifer came right behind him with pastel colors painting the room with different colors:  Like green for greed, pink for passion, yellow for money or pride and so on till the whole room was a rainbow of colors and left using the black door still the same.  So now as a soul goes into the room there is only really two doors in and out but lots of colors to choose from that go no where.  Not that the colors themselves were evil but could become an obsession.  Of course white light is made of three primary colors violet, yellow and red.   And they seem to match the ministry of Christ Jesus as Priest, King and Savior.   So if we walk in the light and He is in the light we have fellowship with each other and HE keeps us clean from all sin.

So in your daily walk consider that Christ Jesus is your priest between you and the Heavenly Father,  your LORD or boss and the one who saved you from GOD’s judgment for your sins.   If we walk in the light we can make HES ministry a lot easier.   And the world is totally headed for the darkness and WRATH of God,  you really don’t want to go there.  So do get fearful about it.  But do try to help others find there way to HIS Light.  There is plenty of room for anyone interested.  So stay in the Word of God and strengthen your faith to become like Jesus.  This is the original vision of God in that HE has made the way for us to become in HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS and be HIS forever family.

Yours in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy,   Ken<><     “

There is but one Church of Christ Jesus and
All who truly LOVE & OBEY HIM are members

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