Many believe we are here by accident, there is no Intelligent Design and when it is over there is nothing else.  If you follow that logic then you become subjective in what is good or bad, constructive or destructive and self centered in all that you do.  If it feels good, do it.  There really is no moral ethic about life only the effort to avoid any pain or reciprocity by society.   And with the Socialist forms of government there are no limitations as to how the control of the masses.

But if you elect to believe in Intelligent Design then what does the Creator want from the creation?  Especially if freewill is involve as with man.  

So there are many roads of many different kinds of god roads to consider now on planet earth.  And each once says very clearly, they are the true path regardless of inconsistencies, hypocrisy and unethical behavior.  Even with those who follow Gautama Buddha, Christ Jesus or Islam there are great divisions.   So which is the most likely to be true.

In my life study of all of this, I have concluded that there is Intelligent Design and that which would be most pure would be devoid of ego, pride and self contentedness.   It would come out of an objective form of love which would be for the highest good for others regardless of cost to self.  Objective Love could be the key to opening the door to the vast amount of Truth that is sought. It would be people sitting at table together and serving each other rather than seeking to hoard all of the food for themselves.  It would basic be to “do no harm to others.”  Which would include all aspects of life and in evaluating objectively.

Like in Marriage a man and woman have a better chance of success in the marriage if they are virgins.   As to having a solid marriage in all aspects of the union of spirit, soul and body with husband and wife.  And as family is the core health of any successful community this would cause respect and protection for both men and women.  And even if not a virgin that the community would know that each sexual experience prior to marriage weakens the glue that binds that marriage together.   The community would enforce rules against both fornication and adultery.  Moral Values and Ethics would be the basic issues for the health of any community or government.  I see this deeply embedded in the words of Jesus and have gone with HIM.

Due to the lack of understanding of these basic principals the fabric of the U.S.A. is falling apart.  Our nation is seeking freedom from any restraints and committing suicide in the process.  This self contentedness is now destroying 400 years of understanding.   Without moral and ethical excellence the Constitutional Republic of the United States is doomed to failure..  In my school years beginning in 1937-8 going to public school was sort of like going to church.  10 commandments by the light switch and door to the classroom.  30 kids being led in prayer, Bible reading, singing of songs including hymns, Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner included before the classes began.   Our conscience was trained to know there was a loving God that we would one day answer to for our deeds done in the flesh. Today’s schools are totally teaching the reverse and we wonder why there are drive by shootings for no reason at all except just pure hate and anger.  And this basically due to no home or ethical and moral values being taught.

So for those of us who believe that there is a Creator to whom we will need to answer to it is up to us to help those who are confused in our world, if they will accept the help.  The Creator has given us a FreeWill so we can choose either the light or the darkness.   And we can help others to find either the darkness or the light.   The self centered fiction of lust or the selfless support of creative LOVE.   Are we headed into the light of the Creator or are we headed into the darkness away from the Creator and taking others with us?  Are we headed upstream to the clean water or downstream into the swamp.  You are on your way, one way or the other.   That is why we have only a limited time on earth in which to decide.  But the decision will be for eternity.

Yours, in HIS great love & wonderful grace and mercy,   Ken<><

Worthy Brief <;
There were times that Yeshua (Jesus) separated himself from the multitudes — and there are times when we need to separate ourselves from our lives and ministry, and spend some time with our Lord.   I love how Yeshua climbed a mountain. It made me think of an interesting analogy. Picture the shape of a mountain. It starts out wide at the bottom — the higher we climb, the narrower it becomes — and the more we must stay close to the center. As we go even higher yet, there’s less room to move to the left or the right — and there’s less and less ground that can be compromised — the more focused we need to be and the less we can afford to be distracted. The higher we go, the less room we have to fool around!  Whatever you may be dealing with, you may just need to separate yourself and climb up to spend time with the Lord — get centered on Him and focused on what He’s calling you to.  Trinity Fellowship Int., God wants us to learn to climb to the top and focus all of our lives on His will! Let’s take out some time this weekend to try it!

WORLD NEWS BRIEF:   Many Afghan military units surrender to the Islamist militant Taliban group as American troops withdraw, a report said Thursday.    Gaza’s Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed on Wednesday that Hamas has 500 km. of tunnels in the Gaza Strip and that only five percent of the tunnels had been damaged in recent clashes.   Terrified residents have fled areas in northern Burkina Faso after suspected Islamist militants killed 15 Christian converts at a baptism service, authorities and Christians say.      More than 10,000 vaccine breakthrough infections have been reported in the U.S. in individuals who had already been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   A new survey from evangelical pollster George Barna shows that only 6% of Americans have a distinctly “biblical worldview,” the Christian Post reports. The 2021 survey was conducted together with the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian conservative group that Barna recently joined as a senior fellow.   President Biden is set to propose a budget totaling $6 trillion in the coming days, The New York Times reported early Thursday, about a third higher than pre-pandemic spending levels.   (About twice the tax collections so about 3 trillion from printing Monoply $ and a lot more to our 30 trillion debt.  We need a balanced budget amendment badly and term limits.  Bogus Printed money causes inflation.)

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