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HIS REST,    “WORTH CONSIDERING”     11/20/19     (Across my desk this morning.)

Today’s Scripture
“For we who have believed do enter that rest…”
(Hebrews 4:3, NKJV)
Enter His Rest

God promises that there are “set times” in our future to bring His promises to pass in our lives, but He doesn’t tell us when they will be. Your set time may be tomorrow morning at 9:47. You’ll get the phone call you’ve been waiting for. Your set time may be two years from now. You’ll get a good break that will thrust you to a new level. My question is, “Do you trust God enough to believe that your set times are coming?” Are you willing to wait with a good attitude? Are you willing to get a new perspective? Remember, that set time is already in your future. Don’t let the negative thoughts talk you out of it. The way you know that you’re really believing is when you have rest on the inside. You’re at peace. You know the answer is on the way. You trust that God is working things out. Today, put your faith and trust in Him and enter into rest. Know that He is good and He is for you! Your set time of favor is on the way!

A Prayer for Today
“Father, today I choose to enter into rest. I choose to trust You, I choose to put my faith and hope in You knowing that You are good and that You have good things in store for my future in Jesus’ name! Amen.”

My thoughts:
Along time ago, Bob Mumford, told the story of how he was sure he heard that the LORD was going to have him minister in Chili.  So he sold his medical practice,  packed up his big family and moved from Florida to So. Calif. and was sitting on the dock with all that he had and no money….  After a while he had to find a job and located his family and swallow his pride that he was only in California.   Many years later as he was ministering he ended up in Chili and the LORD reminded Bob of the prophesy that it was valid, only nothing had been said as to when….  Chapter 4 of Hebrews is a wonderful teaching on how to enter into the “Rest of the LORD.”  It is really about the true meaning of the Saturday, Sabbath Rest of how to enter in by ceasing from our own works and to learn to be instantly guided by the Holy Spirit each and every day.  To actually come to the place of where we can clearly hear the HOLY SPIRIT guide us each day of the week and not just on Saturday. Heb.4 tells us that the Jews never did find the true meaning for the Sabbath.   The old Sabbath Rest was a type of the Holy Spirit Rest that is available for us now 24/7.   It is sort of like the Tithing of the Old Testament which was 10% to begin with but in the New Testament is now 100% of all we are or what we have.  As a true Christian,  it all now belongs to Christ Jesus as our King.  And believe me there will be testing to see if that is really where we live and who we really are.  And the testing is not for GOD to know, (HE already knows.)   But we are allowed to be tested so that we can really know where we really live and who we really are.  This is so we can choose to change to allow our Creator God to rebuild HIS divine nature into us for HIS and our Glory in Eternity. 

Free Will is a part of our creation package of who we are designed to be for eternity.  Love can not exist without Free Will.  But it has to be changed from being of an Adam self centered focus to being a Christ centered focus in order to live with our Heavenly Father in HIS dimension of Eternity.  As we become in Christ Jesus through Faith we are to be changed into our LORD’s Image and Likeness.  So in this lifetime we are in a process for getting us ready to jump to light speed if we will allow for it..  Also our new submission to true humility and obedience is to make absolutely sure that we don’t destroy the Universe as we have this planet earth.  Of course God already has in plans to recycle this solar system as found in Rev.21 to be made new into a place of HIS GLORY and Righteousness.   All of the old junk will be cremated along with the space junk.  God will make a new heavens and a new earth.  After our short life time opportunity on earth of being born into sin and forgiven and then a time of spiritual growth and testing we will be headed into life with GOD our Creator for Eternity.  Of course, if we choose otherwise the outcome does not look very good.  Our Creator God is very very unset concerning the rejection of HIS offered Salvation and Restoration..

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy   Ken<><   www.Trinity-Aloha.org

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