Questions on Hell, do you know the answers? Bill Wiese writes many books on the subject and says that he was there for 23 minutes. I have not read his books as yet. I Would rather stay with only what the Bible teaches about it. But teach about it, it does profusely. But rarely preached on these days. Not to generate fear but simple to try to share what the future looks like on the dark side. This came across my desk this morning from Charisma Magazine.


Is hell a literal burning place? NO, in MANY places in the New Testament it is stated to be of total darkness. So fire is metaphorical in giving us a understanding of the degree of pain that is involved. Matt.8:12, 10:22:13. A physical fire would have absolutely no effect on a spiritual soul that does not posses a body. 1 Cor. 15:44. Luke 24:39. Upon death our body dies but not our soul. For those who are resurrected in Christ Jesus the Creator creates a new spiritual body that is eternal. And I don’t believe there will be any toilets in heaven nor trash to dump. The new body will be absolutely compatible and existing totally energized by God’s power.

Where is hell? Before the resurrection of Christ Jesus it was considered to have two compartments one of torment and the other the Old Testament Paradise or to be in Abraham’s presence. The Old Testament Saints in waiting for God’s sacrifice. In the resurrection Christ Jesus took Abraham and those with him to heaven. Hell is one place but the Lake of Fire is in another and is eternal. May even be a different dimension entirely.

Do you have a body in hell? NO !, Having rejected the Creator’s salvation also means also having rejected all that HE has created including a physical body.

Are there degrees of punishment in hell? YES, “To whom much is giving shall much be required: and to whom little is given shall little be required, Luke 12:48.

Are there children in hell? NO !, Responsibility for sin begins when TRUTH is known and rejected, Rom. 1:18. David’s new son by Bathsheba in adultery died and went to heaven.

Can demons torment people in hell? NO ! They will be tormented as well by lost potentials. It is my understanding that in Hell and finally the Lake of Fire that the torment will be due to lost potential. To have a total recall of all of the opportunities that were afforded by the Love of God in Christ Jesus. And having rejected them to relive those opportunities over and over though out eternity with no off switch and no place of repentance or restitution. Rev.22:11-15.

Can “good” people go to hell? YES? The concept that there are “good” people is an earthly perspective and as such is a lie when compared to an absolutely Holy Creator.

Why do some people who have near-death experience see a bright light? They are headed towards the light as they have been forgiven in Christ Jesus who is the “Lamb of God” for salvation.

Will those who never heard of Jesus go to hell? Yes, but judged according to their knowledge of good and evil. Rom. 1:18….

Is hell eternal, or are those in hell simply annihilated? The human soul is created eternal in the image of GOD so it is a matter only of placement.

Why can’t God let someone out of hell after a certain period of time? NO, nor will any in Heaven with God be sent to the Lake of Fire. The former things are completed and passed away.

Does occasional sin deserve eternal punishment? NO !, It is having or not having faith that make the difference It is the rejection of Christ Jesus as the covering for sin that requires eternal separation from GOD. All are sinners and worthy of punishment. “Even the righteousness of God , which is by faith of Jesus Christ, unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get back to me but not with feelings and emotions as they are totally unreliable for spiritual truth. Yours, in HIS great love. Ken<><

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